Gift for Best Man

Good afternoon guys,

I wanted to post to see if I can be directed to the right place. I’m getting married next year and I wanted to, traditionally, gift something to my best friend who I want to ask to be my best man. He plays Killer Instinct religiously and I want to see if the developers could make a plaque or trophy or something cool revolving around the game with his Name, the title of Best Man, and gamer tag.

Now I know this is probably not the right place to post but I’ve emailed Iron Galaxy Studios to no avail. Microsoft support suggested to post here.

Ultimately I want to know if something like that can be created by the developers before I explore other options.

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



There’s not really any reason to bump things on this forum - not a ton of traffic for a post to get buried under, and the system organizes things so that you can easily find new topics.

I’ll tag @KRAKENJIMMY and @TempusChaoti so that this post can maybe come to their attention, but to be honest I’m not super hopeful your request can be fulfilled. There isn’t any active development ongoing for the game anymore, so the devs don’t tend to drop by too much I don’t think.

Best of luck with your request though - it’s a really cool idea :slight_smile:

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