Giant Gator casually walking across Florida goft course

“Oh no, you humans just ignore me! Just going for a walk. Hopefully I can find a nice cow or horse.”


If I saw that thing in real life, this is how I would feel:


I wonder what Leatherhead are doing out there… Could be a nice guest for KI don’t you think?

And unfortunately they will now probably kill him to protect the humans. If they dont kill him they will traumatize the crap out of him and relocate him.

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Yeah, being raised in Florida, That is totally a thing.

Right, @Marbledecker?

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Not really. The Alligator has been on this specific golf course for many years. In fact many people actually come to this specific course just to see him. He seems very acclimated to human life around him. As long as people dont get stupid and try to pet him or get in his way, they and he should be fine.

You think there are no Gators in Louisiana where I live? phhpphhh!

Dont fool yourselves guys… someone will kill that gator and if not…somewhere right now a gator is being killed because humans encroached on their habitat.

Lets just hope you are right and this Gator is left in peace

He was obviously just going to Starbucks.

“Move on nothing to see here” :joy:

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I agree with @FallofSeraphs76 though I do hope they leave the gator alone. I get tired of reading headlines of “Brave man/women wrestles gator to save dog/kid.” When in actually it’s people who can’t keep their pets on a damn leash or people who think they are at Disney wild kingdom. Smh.

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We need an alligator character in KI.

Yup. I’ve got gators in the river across the street, LOL