GG's GGs

I have decided to take advantage of XBL’s new LFG (Looking For Group) feature to help new, prospective KI players learn the game with a friendly online face. As of today, if I am on XBL, playing KI, and not also participating in a tournament, I will have free-to-join, 1v1, online, XBL LFG sessions for those wanting, and willing, to learn how to play the game. :grin:

Want to learn the basics/advanced tech?
Want to practice setups/combos?
Want to learn matchups?
Hate tutorials?

Then you’ve come to the right place! I am your online practice mode. To find me, simply go to the party menu on XBL and do a LFG search for KI - if you see GG’s GGs, that’s me. :wink:


Just had my 1st official, and successful, online training session using the XBL LFG feature - that did not take long at all… :grin:

EDIT: Oh, look. Another 1, already. :laughing:

Do it for the culture

The 2nd session, sadly, did not go so well, nor last long. The trainee told me he wanted to learn how to combo-break, but when I would try to explain it and/or show him, he kept attacking me, which prevented me from teaching him. I asked why he was doing that, and he replied " I want to fight."

“I thought you wanted to learn how to combo-break; I’m getting mixed messages here.” As it turned out, he wanted to learn the hard way, combo-breaking while fighting. This was fine, of course, but not ideal. He kept guess-breaking, and immediately, so I would perform opener into counter-breaker and told him not to guess break - that he had to wait, and see which attack I was doing (I was even performing heavy ADs and linkers to make it easier for him). He continued to not listen and guess break for five minutes before eventually giving up and leaving.

There’s a reason I say to people that they must be “willing” to learn, because if they aren’t, then that’s a self-made roadblock, and there’s nothing I can do to help them until they choose to go around it. :unamused:


I’ll join. Teach me how to play the game :smiley: …jk.


I was one of those people who thought I didn’t need teachers and help from anyone.I thought the answer lied in the heart of battle.Because of it, it took me 2 years to “git gud” at KI. In the end that guy is only hurting himself so don’t worry about it😂Not all of your students are gonna be ready to take the class.

Awesome of you to do this Geek!

Haha! The 1st trainee already came back for a 2nd session to learn even more (with Hisako)! :smiley: