Getting to Know S3 Sadira

I just spent a few hours playing with Sadira in the Lab and jumped into a few Ranked matches. I have to say that I LOVE Salticide! It is such a wonderful new move and has been a LOT of fun to use. I’m not pleased with the damage Ender though, but that is largely due to a bug that prevents you from using Opener > Manual > Recluse… No matter what string of buttons you use, the Ender comes out, even if you don’t use ANY punch buttons. Its really annoying.

Currently, Sadira feels a bit weak against some of the new S3 cast, but then again, the stupid bug is keeping me from getting some decent combos going.

As soon as I have time to really dig into some new tech, I’ll post it. I HOPE that they get the bugs ironed out really quickly, because Sadira is a bit broken right now.

dude the SALT-icidae move is hilarious lol. i fought an aganos who was doing very well against me albeit a bit predictable. got him into the corner, and then i proceeded to pogo stick off his head several times and he didnt know wtf to do lol. it was a bit gimmicky but still hilarious. im figuring out that you can do a LWB, or MWB off it to continue the combo. HWB is now breakable and is now more of a counter breaker bait than anything so keep that in mind.

things ive noticed that i did during combat:

-salticide allowed me to literally carry a guy straight up towards the ceiling! LOL. its damage is really low, so its more of a mix up tool i think

-working out cross ups with salticide by controlling the trajectory

-mixing up salticide and widow’s drop could be a potential cause for confusion for the opponent

-do not use the damage ender as a shadow variant…youll just cancel the combo and wall bounce.

anyway i am going to inter myself into the lab until i get my execution with sadira back. i think my hisako usage has really fucked with my timing as well as my combo chains i do with fulgore. i drop combos so much and then there is that glitch…