Getting Firecat instead of Upper Firecat

Anyone else have this problem?

It doesn’t happen all the time but in like 20% of my combos I get the Firecat instead of Upper Firecat for the finish. Never had a problem with the srk motion in SF games but here it is kinda hard imo, or I am doing something wrong. :blush:

Well, the easiest way to do it is to press forward 1st and then do the QCF-motion, so it should look something like this: :arrow_right::arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right:

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You can also try to roll it by going :arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_down: which is what I’ve had to do on controllers since I can’t do an SRK motion on a thumb pad to save my life. There’s a bit of input forgiveness. Be warned, this method doesn’t always work as cleanly as just doing a DP motion.

Another thing you might want to look at doing is making sure when you’re in training mode to have your inputs on so you can assess what’s going on while you’re practicing. Maybe you’re panic inputting the motion and it’s reading it as a fireball instead of DP.

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Also are you playing with combo assist on?

Combo Assist is off. I want to learn the game so I thought I have to turn it off.

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