Get rid of the "dud" rashakuken

All the while keeping up his evil laugh.


The odds don’t increase for getting all duds as you do heavier versions, I have already highlighted as much. The odds of throwing all duds with 1-4 fireballs goes 1/11, 1/121, 1/1331 and 1/14641. The odds actually greatly decrease of getting an unfavourable pattern as the number of fireballs goes up.


S2 Wulf is running towards you, you have no meter and your character has not a reversal. You have to block harmstring or his overhead. You don’t have any clue of which he will use because its the first time this player does it. Both are unreactable, so in this scenario, you have to guess, make a bet. If you fail or succed, it’s no skill or reactions what save or kills you. In this scenario it’s luck: luck of thinking the same than your opponent.

This can be applied even more during his instinct, with feral cancels.

@infilament its right. A (rare) triple dud its almost as easy to punish than a triple boomerang. Dud its there to make rashakuken less viable at long range (at close keeps the same). Also rashakuken can have 1-2 bad options of 11, but each extra rashakuken makes these bad outcomes less frequent.
@thekeits states that this is not changing because this weakness is here to balance his strong points
And @MBABanemobius 's maths demostrates that a triple dud its so rare that even getting one is compensated with hundreds of positive results

You can neutral jump, backjump, stick out a heavy normal etc… Actually S2 running towards you has nothing to do with luck, since you can minimize getting damage or even avoid it. Upclose its a 50/50. Its guessing - luck is something you can not influence.

Omens Fireballs are random by design - so its luck to get a extremly good pattern. Actually most of the time you are locked in Omen pressure upclose until he gets a bad upclose fireball to go through with a shadow meter.

I actually dont like his S3 changes cause then you will be in blockstun forever upclose and even if you get out due shadow counter or shadow reversal (if you can use your meter cause duration of shadow lockout increased) he will be covered with tracking shadow projectile, that dont go away if he gets hit.

He will be extremely good and frustrating to fight against in s3 (if the changes stay)

I’m speaking about a really upclose scenario, where a jump or heavy button dont have time to happen. And guessing is luck. You can guess better or worst, but a guess always involves some luck

than your example was bad described cause if he runs you can jump even upclose - always.

you influence your action. the outcome of the action can be lucky but you can not influence that part. your action always happens before something lucky happens. you can not correct it while the lucky stuff happens. The outcome of a guess can be lucky but the guess itself is no luck. Thats what i meant.

Agree with that. Think this way about rashakuken. Throwing a rashakuken its a guess, and its outcome sometimes its unlucky, others its lucky. This makes the move impredictable, and here its another strenght of it. Whould you challenge a rashakuken if 1/11 favors you?

Actually throwing a Rashakuken is no guess. Cause you know what the outcome will be.

And for the record - i think Omen Fireballs far away are good as they are (gud must stay). Upclose they are too strong imo.

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You know how many will go, but not the type

My brother mains omen so I have a lot of experience fighting against the character. I have to say in my opinion the RNG that he has is unique to him I can’t think of any other character with his level of RNG. (Maya perhaps on where here daggers land). There are matches where I’m flabbergasted by the luck and perfect fireball volleys and others where I chuckle because he gets a volley of horrible fireballs that provide for an easy approach.

It’s an interesting dynamic I’m not sure if I like it or not because I think RNG effecting the outcome of a match can be really frustrating. But I do understand that the argument can be made that the skill in omens zoning is to quickly identify which fireballs you have thrown and immediately adjust you actions based on that identification.

At the end of the day Omen has shadow moves that give predictable fireballs and on the other end as the opponent there are typically shadow invincible moves that can be used on reaction to punish his triple fireballs.

One mechanic I feel I never see used with him is people souping up his enhanced fireballs by using additional bars of shadow meter. I don’t know if it’s because it’s just a useless gimmick for him or if it’s because he’s under-explored, but it’s certainly something I’ve never seen incorporated into his gameplay.

[quote=“DeathBlooms2K8, post:71, topic:4756”]
One mechanic I feel I never see used with him is people souping up his enhanced fireballs by using additional bars of shadow meter.
[/quote]You’ll see it a lot more in S3. But currently if you do that and then get hit, your balls disappear. In real life as well as in the game. Then you’re out two stocks of shadow with no balls to show for it.
Huge waste of resources.


if you do that and you get hit,your balls dissappear-Archon879 2016


Uh, heh, heh, heh. Hey Beavis, check this out…

It took 50 posts to get that explanation out as clearly as possible. I know people posted probability numbers, but this basically kills OP’s main argument.
Imagine Omen throws a heavy Rashakuken, he gets a spiral, one straight down the middle and one crawler. On top of that, he dashes forward in the air for an incoming aerial attack. Imagine any of the other TEN fireballs that could occur and shut you out and maybe then you can see why the dud exists.

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This is a great thread!

Omen is my main. I have gotten triple duds maybe once or twice. The good thing is, you can shoot out another 3 real quick. Up close, in corners, they are a non issue to me. Just when I am trying to zone. I just wish they hit harder. I can get 46 Hit combos and only do at most 30%.

Dud doesn’t really bother me. Gotta throw fireballs from a safe distance anyway. I wouldn’t advise really using Omen’s projectiles to compete against other stable projectiles at mid ranges considering you are likely to not get the same projectile. Still useful to get rid of projectiles at close range with Light Rashakuken though.
Done. :slightly_smiling: