General RAAM?

I don’t know how the community feels but, I enjoyed the first gears game I thought they were very fun and a new take on shooters. I however feel from just the “trailer” at E3 and looking at streams and the community made videos that he seems somewhat simple design wise, this is coming from a guy who grew up playing KI and loves everything about the new KI from S1 to S3. What are your thoughts on him? Should we have received a new original character, should we have received eyedol, or was there another guest character that doesn’t just RAAM and stab that would be better for our second to last character of S3

I would’ve preferred an original character over this depiction of RAAM. I don’t know how anyone can disagree with that.

I wasn’t that into RAAM when the dark days of KI appeared right out of nowhere and I don’t see myself playing him.

Perhaps it wasn’t necessary to release RAAM exactly after the reveal trailer at E3, but I don’t see him being too much of an issue for me.

The update size imo is questionable at best.

You know, I was the exact opposite. I wasn’t a terribly big fan of the Gears series. The only real appeal/innovation/novelty was the chainsaw undermount, and while fun, that got boring fast. RAAM was an interesting boss fight but kind of a bland villain that marked a high point in a disappointing down spiral of villains and plot points.

I was strongly anti-RAAM. And then I tried him. Did any of you ever play Bane in Injustice? He really reminds me of that. He just feels right as another new character who fits a niche all his own. Sure, we have rushdown and grapplers. But where TJ pressures and mix-ups and Rash relentlessly stays on you or Sabrewulf plays fast and erratic to keep you guessing, RAAM is just this straightforward, pardon the pun, battering ram you use to get in and harass. I personally like it and wish I gave IG more trust when he was leaked.


I think he was the right character to choose for the archetype they were going for. That being said, I STILL hate playing grapplers.

RAAM is one of my favourite characters of all time and is a welcome edition to KI…i will say a new character would also be nice to but you know…with gears 4 releasing soon it works

He is ok for killer instinct and I find him fun…Although if another guest character was to be in the game which would play like RAAM

my vote would be on NEMISIS (From Resident evil 3)

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I was hoping to have his “DEESSSTRRROOOOOOOOOOYYYY” quote in the game but I’m happy he’s in the game.

I guess I’m just let down because I’ve see what original characters IG can create, Hisako, Aganos, Kan-Ra the list goes one. I just really want to see a nice balance of returning, original and only two guest characters. I just hope this last character is amazing.

Really? It probably contains the shadow lords mode code. Is it REALLY that questionable with a new mode incoming?

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I would have liked to see an IG original too, because they make cool characters. That said, Raam seems interesting so far.

For a long time people have been wanting less complicated characters in this game. S2 had Kan-Ra, Cinder, and Aria who were really difficult to play for beginners, and S3 brought in Gargos who has so much going on that I don’t know how I’m going to write my guide page about all of it. So it’s nice to see Raam come in and say “I’m gonna hit you with grabs and normals” and that’s kind of it. He fills the role of a simpler character that so many people have been asking for, so when he comes it seems silly to say “I wish he was more complicated.”


Hmm. Good point.

I’m actually dissapointed about this character in general (no pun intended). I played all Gears games and I don’t even remember this guy. Would’ve rather have a COG soldier or an IG original instead.

If not Marcus, a Carmine would’ve been perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

I never liked the idea of Raam being in the game ever since it was leaked. I never thought his gameplay would fit (being a slower grappler style character like Geif), and his released has proven that to me. He’s too slow and sluggish. He just doesn’t work from a design standpoint IMO. My least favorite character so far.

I think Skorge would have made a better choice for the game. Just a faster and more mobile character, that I think would have worked better in KI…Something akin to a 2d version of Kilik from the Soul Calibur series.

Bold statement, especially since a lot of other people disagree. However if it was an opinion…

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Okay, can someone explain the Skorge love to me? I absolutely do not get how that embarrassment of a boss was beloved.

Designwise and style he would maken a good character, RAAM was always slow and lumbering, so before he entered the game people figured Skorge would be a better fit for the fast playing KI.

Skorge never had the story, impact and style RAAM has, that is where RAAM shines and makes him more memorable.

Maybe that’s true. And maybe I’m a little biased because I have ended up really liking Grappler RAAM. But the disappointing trudge that was GoW2 leading up to such an embarrassing rinse/wash boss fight against Skorge just leaves me with absolutely no interest in ever seeing him again.

The “O” in IMO does stand for Opinion… I disagree completely anyway. You don’t realize how much KI needed a proper grappling character until you see Raam in play. Its fresh and its scary.

I mean, Raam felt like a (not embarrassing) rinse/wash boss fight to me. Subjective stuff, man. Dangerous territory.

Yeah, but RAAM didn’t seem cooler than he was and his boss battle was challenging (possibly due to poor design but whatever). Skorge didn’t even phase me on Insane.

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Skorge’s problem is that CliffyB, as well as that line in Gears 2 where Marcus states Skorge makes RAAM look like a pushover, hyped him too much. For RAAM, there weren’t empty statements hyping him up. We saw him ambush Kim in Act 1 of the first Gears. We played as him going through the city destroying everything in the Gears 3 DLC. RAAM managed to show he was badass while Skorge was just called one up until his anticlimactic boss fight. Skorge could have been better if he was executed properly.