General Raam: How to win with/against him?

Ok so we have a dude with a large knife, flying piranhas, and is bigger than most characters in the cast. Is there a way to beat him?

Remember that all of his command grabs can’t hit you when you’re air born, so if you predict one coming just hold up. Also surprisingly RAAM is throw vulnerable in almost all his attacks, command grabs included (unlike all other characters, so probably a bug). That means that on knockdown you should bully him with throws.

More than anything though you have to learn to punish the dagger special on block as it’s very negative.

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Yes I agree.

Just make sure you recognize the difference in speed between the light, medium, and heavy versions. Otherwise you’re just going to get grabbed every time you try to punish the heavy one (and medium one if he has meter.)

Stab the other guy till he dies, thats how I usually win.

Uh, how? With a dash cancel?