General question thread

So rather than revive several different threads in character specific sections I guess I’ll just make a general question thread. Basically a thread for when you have a random question about a character, situation, mechanic, etc but simply want a short quick yes or no answer. Anywho:

Is there any way to tell if Thunder’s DP is going to cross up before he’s already on the way down?

Did they change the corner combo breaker advantage for the person getting broken? Before if you got broken but they were in the corner you basically got a free flip out but now it seems like they always beat me to the punch.

Are you already grabbed by Arbiter before he goes fully invisible? I swear I’m holding up before he’s fully disappeared but nope, get grabbed.

Does using a wall jump give you landing recovery? I kept wall jumping out of the corner only to eat a button when I landed, not sure if I was just not blocking right or if I actually couldn’t block.

Why can’t you punish Glacius’ shoulder with a DP if the safest version is still only -3?

Is there going to be a KI Season 4?

Are there going to be more guest characters in KI?

will the new character come with a new stage? (wishful thinking i know)

Apart from learning the spacing, I don’t think so.

Definitely not. You may possibly be hitting the ground close to very last frames and getting grabbed, or it could be rollback if you’re encountering it online.