General Improvement Tips?


First off, I’m new here as a poster, but I browse there forums all the time. I’ve been playing KI consistently since day 1, and have always mained Jago. As one of the first games that I’ve attempted to play competitively, KI is where I learned most of my Fighting Game fundamentals, but I still have a lot of work to do, as I’m relatively new to fighting games. So, yeah, hi everybody! Looking forward to posting here more often!

Anyways, I’m going to EVO for my third time this year. I’ve managed to avoid going 0-2 and won at least one set each year, and I would like this year to be no exception. However, I feel very unprepared this year. I have not been playing KI or fighting games at all for the past few months, and my lack of familiarity with S3 is no help at all.

So, I’m gonna break down what I think I know, what I think my weaknesses and bad matchups are, and I would really appreciate some advice if anybody has the time.

I feel my strengths are almost entirely in my offensive ability. I have mastered Jago’s manuals, I think I have very good and safe mixups, and I use tick throws very effectively. My defense is another story, but I feel like I have good anti-airs, and use shadow counters pretty efficiently. Also, as a KOF player, my execution is usually solid.

My known flaws are as follows. First and foremost, I’ve never been able to break very well, and though I try very hard to avoid it, often panic and make a guess. My defense against certain characters is awful, I tend to fall for a mixup or two and wakeup-DP out of desperation. I don’t know anything about frame data outside of Jago, so my matchup knowledge leaves a lot to be desired. I also rely on frame-traps and normals into wind kick too often, and get shadow countered for it.

On top of all that, my worst matchups are Glacius (he’s the big one), Thunder, and Hisako. I’m also afraid of Wulf, but I have much more knowledge on what he can do.

So… Any general advice as to what I can do? Should I play like Domi and never break at all so I stop getting lockouts and counter broken?

Thanks very much in advance for any response.

PS. My gamertag is Electr0Jesus with a zero, I would greatly appreciate anybody who would do long set exhibition matches online sometime, but mostly the three characters I mentioned are the ones I need practice on.

I main Glacius and will play sets with you provided we’re on at the same time.

Awesome! I work late hours, so I’m usually on around 1AM - ~5AM EDT, but I plan on using my days off to play during the daytime.

Feel free to shoot me an invite anytime!

Cool man.

Hey Ejesus, Im up for some games Im usually on during those time.

A wakeup DP isn’t the worst thing in the world when used judiciously, so that part of it isn’t too terrible. The guess breaking though is super dangerous - that’ll have you eating far more damage per touch than you really need to. I recommend forcing yourself to simply not break for a few matches. Do that throughout your play sessions, and it should be able to disabuse you somewhat of the habit.

I’m a Hisako player, but those times won’t work for at all :joy: We have a couple of Sako’s here at the forums though, so you should be able to find someone to practice the MU with.

just play as the character your having trouble against and recognize wat the mediums and heavies auto doubles look like,as well as studying the functions of the linkers, unless your a user that has a limited pool of characters, then actually i dont know

I wouldn’t mind playing a few sets with you using my Jago. You may end up just dominating me though, but I’m sure we can learn from eachother. Also, I can try and add some suggestions on your playstyle based off everything I’ve learned in my training matches with both Storm and Ninja.