General grievous in killer instinct?

i thought it would be cool if general grievous could be a playable character in killer instinct and hes instinct could have him have four arms and lightsabers. thats just my opinion what do you think?

I know it’s your opinion and I respect that, but no more guests please. Plus we already have a space alien guest with an energy sword.

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thats cool i respect what you think :slight_smile:

No more guest characters.


Cool idea, but I largely agree with everyone else - we have enough guests. Furthermore, he’s such a minor character as far as Star Wars goes and even if he were added, I imagine people would be all like, “yay, yet another 4-armed fighter; oh how original!”

While the sparsely populated fictional universe of KI is inviting to guest characters to fill out potential future roster slots so as not to compromise the integrity they are building by shoehorning in canon filler characters (and I promise, I am ALL ABOUT guest characters)… I’m also a big Grievous fan, myself - I don’t think he’d be a great fit. We’ve already got a big-body from space with an energy sword, and despite all the obvious things that make Grievous different from Arby, I feel like Grievous would be a little too beholden to his native universe.

When it comes to KI guests, I feel like relative obscurity works in their favor. Not saying Halo or GoW are obscure, but I for one had never heard of either character before KI (as I’m not invested in either native franchise), but I have to assume pretty much everyone over the age of say 16 remembers the badarse 4-armed android from the Star Wars prequels.

Not to say I don’t want to play Grievous in a fighter, that would be a lie. I just think he’s a little too well-known to NOT stick out like a sore thumb in the KI roster. But, that could also be a boon. We see how well Arby worked with getting Halo fans to try KI, after all. Grievous may have a much wider reach.

I dunno. Yes, no, maybe? Either way, I’m diggin’ the mix of fresh canon KI characters and super-neat guests (especially when they fit thematically). Now if they could just get around to canonizing the guests, using the campy but effective plot devices they’ve centered this chapter of their story on (i.e. interdimensional portals), that’d be great.


Don’t forget about Gasgano, the pod-racer who also had 4 arms! :wink:

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Had me real confused there for a second.

Gasgano is WAAAAAYYYY cuter. I vote him if we’re voting for Star Wars characters with extra limbs, biological or mechanical. He’s just TOOOOOO DAAAAAMMMNNN CUUUUUUTTTEEEE!!!

Yeah, I did a search for him and he wasn’t coming up, so I had to double-check the name. Apparently, I forgot! LOL! :sweat_smile:

It’s all good. KI infects my memory bank of other stuff I like too.

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