General feedback

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Greetings dear KI team,

as a guy who grew up with Killer Instinct in the 90s,
I’m generally very pleased with your effort to revamp this legendary game.
Almost all characters are perfectly remade, the music is insanely good and the stages are very beautiful. Really close to the classic.

I would also like to thank you on the latest release.
The shadow lords is also an excellent addition to the game. Highly addictive too. I’ve missed the PvE side of Killer Instinct.

There’s still some room for improvement though.
First and foremost, I believe you could give us the option of which season’s colors to use. I’m not a very big fan of the latest color-palette to be honest, although I understand its usage. Still, I would love to keep the classic one.
Another nice setting would be to switch off the combo finish highlight. Maybe to even reduce the shadow move effects.
I find them a little bit too much.

It would also be awesome to see the classic stages revamped with new graphics.
In addition to that, ultimate finishing moves would make a great feature. I believe that if you stay true to the original versions of the game, the game will remain magic.

Keep up the good work!

The Lv.4 Ender Cinematic? Check the options menu, there’s a toggle.

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I will check it when I get home. Thanks.

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No worries. That was actually the result of fan feedback shortly after S3 launch.

Sorry I can’t help ya w/ any of the other stuff, but, y’know… I’m not a dev. :smiley:

Indeed it was a setting. I wonder how it slipped me. I could have sworn I checked many times :slight_smile:
Thanks for the enlightenment!

Yea I wish they stick more to the original KI through time. But so far I find their work really exceptional! I’m so happy to play killer instinct again. And the Shadow Lords are a big plus to the game. I hope the individual stories come soon.

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The only thing this game is missing is ultimates/no mercies. Other than that the game itself is really down to earth and a blast to play.