Gears of war 4

So it looks cool…the beta is out on Monday right?

Dunno, but I hope so! I’d love to see some actual gameplay and get a better idea of what’s going on in regards to the overall story.

It is if you played Ultimate Edition during a timeframe, otherwise the next date is the 24th I believe.

For those who aren’t aware, the Beta for Gears of War 4 will begin to roll-out in chronological order.

That said, keep your eyes peeled on your messages anytime between now and Thursday April 21st.

@TheNinjaOstrich, I might have a code for you assuming you are interested?

I got my code about four hours ago, logged into at work and entered the code. My Xbox stays on during the day so my dog can watch TV (no, really, she does) so the beta should theoretically be downloaded by the time I get home.

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I would LOVE to play with you guys!

Odd, I haven’t gotten mine yet and I played it at launch :open_mouth:

Also, your dog is awesome!

Gears does look cool. I’m mainly into competitive stuff with shooters tho and I don’t think this will come very close to Halo 5. I’ll certainly keep an eye out.

Having the time of life on the beta right now.
Its been awhile since I’ve enjoyed a gears game.

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I’ve got mixed feelings about the beta so far.

Major lag/performance/rollback issues in some matches, for some reason.

Weapons feel inconsistant, really badly. The lancer either drops someone immediately (full health) or tickles them for very little, the shotgun can oneshot kill or headshot from ridiulcous ranges, but sometimes does nothing at all even from up close. Have yet to get a single one of the new “cover abilities” to work, and the game doesn’t bother to really explain how to do stuff.

I know how to drag someone over cover or kick them out, but no mention of how to knife-kill.

The Swarm look like skin-graft patients… They don’t look menacing like the Locust.

Tagged grenades can be seen through walls using Tac-Com no matter which team placed them, and I kind of think that defeats the purpose of tagging walls.

The Hammerburst seems about ten times more useless than the Lancer.

Might just be day one beta issues, so we’ll see how it goes.

After you pull them over/kick them, walk up to them and hit Y

Downloaded it as the night but haven’t had a go yet. Hopefully later if I get my heads peace

My previous post looks really negative, in hindsight lol.

I am a HUGE Gears fan, so I’m likely to be pretty critical of the game. I’m hoping the things I listed get tightened up, but please don’t think I’m not 100% interested in seeing the game be awesome.

Does anyone else feel like explosions are a bit too big/strong? I downed myself with a grenade yesterday when it was on the other side of the sandbag I was hiding behind. I think the blast radius should be reduced.

Also, does anyone else think we’ll get Locust characters for PvP skins? The Swarm is okay, but they all look the same to me.

I thing frags detonate a bit too fast sometimes…but it is minor

also how do I properly use the drop shot

My experience during the beta =)

Lets see what happens with the final product. I do feel they’ll be patching stuff for weapon balancing (the rifles for instance or maybe the gnasher if people complain too much). Or maybe not…In GoW 3 the retrolancer was totally op, the sawed off however was nerfed, it was too strong before (or that I’ve heard…).

About sponging and the same old story,some people will have to deal with this for sure, because of the way GoW is build this issues happen. We may have improvements? I don’t know, but I prefer not to expect much in order to avoid frustration. I think it will be similar to GoW3 regarding that. Teams closest to the server will have advantage , but as long the dedicated servers are up despite ping variation, the game will be playable.