Gargos vs Trigon

Which of these lords of Hell will win? And is the superior?

Bruh…this is a huge mismatch lol

Once again, I like Gargos more but until he gets some feats, this is a slaughterfest in Trigon’s favor.

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Yeah at least wait until we see the boss version of Gargos and story mode.


It’s the reason why I can’t picture too many death battles involving the cast of KI (excluding the ones already done) they just don’t have as much backstory or battles highlighting their feats as other characters.

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Exactly. Fulgore vs Sektor, for example, is a feasible matchup. Gargos vs and entity with reality warping abilities, not so much.

Well, to be fair, Gargos does create portals to other planes of existence among other places, can create stone from thin air, has minions and mimics and has created Omen from the aether. So, I think he does pretty well on his own. :wink:

True, we should give credit where it’s due.

Trigon remade the earth on a whim. He also stole millions of souls from separate dimensions at once because he can. That’s just the tip of the iceberg on what Big Daddy Demon can do.