Gargos vs Aria (Best MU)

Honestly I love this MU. I’ve fought a few lvl 50 arias and these have been intense back and forths because both characters essentially have the same type of tools and thus can counter one another through the fight or overwhelm them. They can counter each other and because of her various bodies Gargos has to switch it up to capitalize on each bodies strength/weaknesses. Probably the most cinematic and boss battle fights I’ve ever felt in a fighting game. Anyone else enjoy this type of battle?

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As Gargos, my favourite fights:

-Aria: God against machine. Maybe Gargos didn’t create mankind, and Aria its basically created from alien tech, but still this fight represents the religion vs science battle in all its glory. Also, both develop a really great and overwhelming gameplay

-Eyedol: clash of titans. Both powerful and ancient gods of incommensurable power fighting each other. Just perfect

-Kim Wu: The choosen failure. Considerating Kim as a hard MU for Gargos and their background, this fight of the big bad boss against the little student it’s just great!