Gargos Triple Ultra W/Street Fighter V Menu Music

Nothing much to really see, since it’s already been done. I guess you can say that I hope that custom soundtrack will come soon (not to say that KI’s music is terrible, I love it actually)


Where’s the dislike button? This combination of video and music actually gave me a headache! No joke! :expressionless:

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Take some Asprin. You will be fine. I’m sure you will live.

On Topic: @SketchofXbox Nice Video! But I have one Constructive Critisism piece of advice I can give you.

It’s good, but I feel like Audio wise, there is a lot going on, due to KI being Rich in sound quality, and the Loudness of the SFV Menu Theme. Maybe playing with the audio levels can alleviate this problem. :slight_smile:

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you do have volume control on your pc, phone or tablet right?? LOL :joy:

Thanks, I thought the audio was an issue myself, but for some reason while recording KI the volume was unusually low so I did the best that I could trying to balance it out. Thanks for the advice! :relaxed:

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