Gargos should have a tail

one thing that I really want from Season 3 is at least one character that has a tail, Riptor is pretty much the only character that truly has one and I just really love tails. Gargos’ desgin to me always felt like it should have a tail, and although I understand that he never had one, I do think he would feel more ‘complete’ if he had one, but that’s just my rather biased opinion, what do you think.

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I love Gargos, but honestly I do not like your design, i think it very generic, think it all very bad at, body, texture and the head is the worst, it seems a mixture of devil with orcs. Some people already said it looks like the MK Onaga. which is bad for me, because I Onaga also very badly done.
But that of course is just my opnion.

I was not the one to find it VERY generic and much like a demon!

Just as there are other thousand in other games! It could be more for a bat, more to an animal, more raw and less humanoid. I could not have horns, diminish the visual devil and not have as upright posture.

In my opinion, it is too generic visually speaking! Generic like most of the options that were shown here in this forum.

OP confirmed fetish…lol jk, we have only seen half of his body there’s a slight chance of him having a tail considering (tht i know of) back in ki2 he didn’t have one .

nah don’t jk, I actually do have a tail fetish, also from the shot in the trailer it definitely didn’t look like he had a tail if you look through his legs, so that’s upsetting. I know he didn’t have one in the original game I just always felt like he should have one.

While I don’t share your tail fetish… I’d rather have the tail because the only alternative is a butt crack.

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I think he should have a tail.

You created a profile just to make this thread for Gargos to have a tail??/ seriously?
Or is that a coincidence that its TAIL LOVER?

**Nope,not a coincidence …created 5 hours ago.

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I have a tail lover account on many other things, so I’m not really “new”, but yeah I’m new to this site.

Despite the overall questionability of the OP the suggestion it self isn’t terrible.

I don’t see the problem. I think tails are fine. Like em myself.

Nah, Gargos is fine without one. He never had a tail to begin with, so I see no reason for him to get one. Riptor already does the tail thing.

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but Riptor is the only one with a long tail, I’d love to see at least one more character with one, it doesn’t have to be Gargos, but his design just feels like a tail would fit really well on him.

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no one else thinks he should have a tail? His design just looks like a nice big tail would fit perfectly, would make him look more like a dragon/demon with a tail and would improve his design a lot and make him more intimidating.

Now that he’s here, I find the tail isn’t so important. He’s fine as is