Gargos Profile Icons, Taunts, Artwork

Haven’t gotten a chance to check out too many of the streams that have been showing off Gargos early, but was just wondering if any of the people who got early access to Gargos were also able to see what his icons, taunts & concept artwork looked like?

I have Gargos, and have reached level 50 with him.

I’m planning to display screenshots of the backgrounds and icons in my Early Access thread xSkeletalx - Gargos Early Access Plans, but I just haven’t got around to it yet. I can do that tomorrow, and should be able to write out the list of Taunts, too.


Fifty already? I’m not sure if that’s impressive or flat out insane. lol

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Well, the way I see it, getting early access isn’t simply a one-sided, selfish benefit, because the way it was communicated to us (and my involvement with our forum community) makes me feel like I should be doing as much as possible to share with everybody else.

I spent a pretty good amount of time this weekend playing him (and really only spent a tiny bit of time playing anyone else, or even another game) so that I could get what videos and images I could. I’m not a pro, or a lab guy, so a lot of the other, more accomplished players are the ones who will be able to create tech videos or high-level competition, but that leaves me with some decent openings for the visual stuff and just some fun gameplay where I can get it!

I do also have an XP boost active, which helps with leveling, for sure. But I did put a good number of hours in on Gargos, as well.


I’m sure I would have done the same thing, or at least tried to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Moved to the appropriate category :slight_smile:

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