Gargos portal punch should be limited to forward only

If sabrewulf dashes through gargos before the portal punch I dont feel it should track behind him. It currently does.

What does everyone think. Should portal punch not track crossups?

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That is odd. I’ve dodged Teleport Punches using Blade Demon, but they didn’t track me. I don’t know if it is REALLY supposed to do that, or if the movement is happening faster than the game engine can compute. I have odd stuff like this happen when fighting Glacius. He’ll start a Shadow Shatter on one side, I’ll dodge the opening frames and land on his other side, just to have half of the rest of the animation hit me.

So I don’t know if the magic Teleport Punch is really meant to hunt you down like the dog you are, OR if it is just wacky net good weirdness. :confused:

Not sure why a Gargos would do portal punch with a sabrewulf standing two feet in front of him though. Seems pretty random.

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Why shouldn’t it track crossups though? It’s fully tracking, why would it not track behind him? Doesn’t seem relevant either, if the gargos player is actually doing portal punches up close, just block and punish him for his dumbass idea xD It’s like, seriously unsafe.

As for Glacius’ shadow shatter, it’s supposed to track with each hit singularly. No bug there, it’s always done that.

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Depends which puddle punch he did. You can dash past one of them, jump the other, and then the third seems to be fully tracking wherever you might be going.

You can jump the mid and low portal punch, but not the high portal punch; you can dash through the low and the high portal punch, but not the mid portal punch. You can block all of them, or use projectile invincible moves to get past them too.

low PP = jump OK; dash OK
mid PP = jump OK; dash NOT OK
high PP = dash OK; jump NOT OK
all = block OK; (projectile) invincible counter OK


Thanks for the information

thanks for all the feedback.

I was playing on PC and that could be the issue there. I still see there is a bug with Counter Breakers and the incorrect strength for the break.

Let me try and clarify as my vid card on PC doesnt support recording.

I was on the right side trying a dash mixup on a gargos player and I dashed as gargos started the mid portal punch animation. I crossed up before the actual portal appeared, gargos still facing right, with gargos still facing right and me on the left the punch came out on my left and hit me from behind interrupting my opener.

Hope that helps clarify what happened.

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Well, I actually think that was working as intended then. The heavier portal punches have a goodly amount of start-up, and I can’t imagine they want the the jankiness of Gargos suddenly flipping directions mid-move. So you basically dashed before the move came out (its start-up frames), so it tracked like it was supposed to once it finally appeared. That’s what that sounds like to me anyway.

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Gargos doesnt track while in instinct so maybe thats what you are thinking of when it didnt track you?