Gargos player looking for a serious sparring partner

So I am looking to get serious about training leading up to World Cup and I honestly feel like I am at a point where I need to reach out and at least attempt to find someone who is also looking fo take their training to the next level. I’m willing to move my schedule around if necessary in order to be online at the right time, etc. I love this game so much and I really enjoy competing, however the SoCal scene is apparently focused in San Diego, which is sa little out of the way from my home in North East LA.

SO yeah, hit me up if you are looking to take sparring up a notch, or if you just want to work on the Gargos matchup. Im not looking for any matchups in particular, I have roughly 40d playtime and so Im most concerned with fundamentals right now. My gamertag is SE1Z3, you can pm me here or on xbox live anytime, I’m usually up real late, pacific standard time. Hope to meet some more great people, lets get it! :slight_smile:


I’m game. :video_game:

I would be glad to help, I’m usually home around 3 or 4 PM as I’m at nursing school during the day. I could prove quite formidable with my riptor and high pressure game. Send me a friend invite, gamer handle is GeneralScrebor.

I can generally help around 9 pm. I do still rely on combo assist though, so you might want someone more experienced.

I’d be happy to train with you, but it wouldn’t be for a little while as I’m rather busy currently. Just add me (my current gt is the same as my current forum handle) and we can get going from there. Best of luck.

Combo Assist is basically no barrier, despite what a large amount of the forum members might make you think. You can still execute normally, given the fact that you have to press back to work with combo traits, but other than that everything else is normal from what I remember.

Thank you so much to all of you for the replies, I will add each of you this afternoon and send a message as well. I am going to a MKX local at KO Gaming Lounge in California tonight but after that I’ll be returning to my usual late night training sessions. Otherwise, I can always jump on if I get a message, my Xbox is sort of the nexus of our entertainment center, thus it’s always on. Looking forward to playing/hanging with you guys! :slight_smile:

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