Gargos' music

With Gargos revealing himself for his release on May, his old theme should return.

But I’m also thinking that with Eyedol not returning (finally!), his theme should be given to the gargoyle.

Gargos theme was teased in Season 3 launch trailer.

where was it said that eyedol isn’t returning?

Season 3 Launch Trailer has Gargos’ theme.

Ken Lobb obviously!

Eyedol will be back maybe. The green theme in KI represents Gargos aura ( said by Keits himself). Ever wondered what the purple meant ? Yes. its Eyedol.

Wonder if according to the KI season 3 launch trailer, mixed with Gargos’ old theme and heavy metal, there’ll be a Notre Dame vibe in it.

Ya know, since Gargos is a gargoyle and a demon.

If anyones interested I sampled a bit of other peoples videos to have a temporary unfinished theme.

Not really too well edited but I think it works.

Edit: Also Puush lies its only around 2ish minutes.

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Got another one


IT’S GODLIKE! wow! too bad the dynamic theme is the KI theme again…

BUT it sounds AMAZING at least