Gargos minions

So two questions.

  1. What happens if gargos minions are still alive as he loses his first health bar? Will they attack the opponent when they can’t fight back?
  2. Can minions ruin your ultra combo?
  1. No.

  2. I’m not sure.

I believe the minions can attack the opponent before or just after an opener, then they go idle until the combo ends or the opponent is in a juggle state.
I think they may have been locked out of the Ultra except for cancels, so even if you have them on-screen, they’ll just be walking/running distractions. (Edit:- Or just disappear, didn’t think of that)

I feel like the minions disappear for the Ultra, kinda like how Aganos’ walls get destroyed as soon as his ultra starts

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3.Would anyone like to fund the minions to be made into independently playable characters like the Servbot in MvC2



I must have a plush stuffed pillow of the fat demon lobster thing one


Has anyone notice when you pick up Isaac he cringes and shakes? Talk about characterization! Nice attention to detail.

PS I like throwing the minions.

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Found another pick the minions up and throw them. Gargos says,“Get to work!” :smile:

Yeah, they can. I was using Shadow Jago and got a sweet clutch ultra.
It all went fine and about 2/3rds into it, the skinny one thought enough was enough and poked me and gave me a knock down which made the ultra music stop instantly.

I have never experienced something so anti-climatic.


Pics, vids, or it didn’t happen?

I would if I could but I’m not paying money to Xbox (played on Xbox One at the time of the incident) just to upload a few second clip.
Instead, I’ll tell you the set up that was present for it to happen.

  1. Gargos sends out minion (Pitch Fork)
  2. Initiate Ultra with minion on screen and still alive
  3. Depending on the position of both the player and the minion, the minion will attack the player mid combo if the hit box(es) don’t collide with the minion hurt box.

You’re not invincible during ultra so if anything happens to throw a hit box at you, you’re gonna get hit.