Gargos looks like Tim Curry!

I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before but I’ve always noticed something very familiar about design of Gargos’ face in Killer Instinct 2.

It looks just like Darkness from Legend! Heck, there are a few things they have in common, just listen to the fight scenes and laughing from Darkness and it becomes really obvious.

I plan on buying KI for PC when it comes out, but if there is one thing I want, it’s for KI to continue staying true to it’s roots and remembering what inspired it. So my suggestion is more of a plea…

Please keep this in mind when/if you redesign Gargos. I’d even suggest hiring Tim Curry if he isn’t hellish expensive, he hasn’t been doing much lately. It would be the cherry on top for a perfect season 3.

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Building Gargos with facial motion capture and voiceover done by Tim Curry would be exceptionally awesome! Here’s hoping this becomes a thing.

Tim Curry, one of my favorite voice actors in history.

While I persoanlly wouldn’t hold my breat on that since like all the others we can expect a redesign of the characters in KI season3. Hope that the retro will at least pay homage to it at least.: ) it’s good that you want something to be retained but be sure to expect Gargos’ apperance to change just like all the other characters.

Edit: “Tim Curry looks like Gargos”

Actually, scratch the whole “Hiring Tim Curry” suggestion. If he were up for it, by all means… but I’ve just found out about his recent condition and I doubt he would be interested even if he could still pull off the voice.

It would still be amazing if the face could be made in his image though. Shame to see him in his current state, I had no idea.