Gargos is too easy to beat

I did it on normal expected a cakewalk and it was. Then i tried on the next difficulty and just hit wait until he showed up with all his buffs just to see how he was and i destroyed him no contest. THEN i decided let me do this on godlike, i wait till he shows up let him keep all of his buffs and again, i womped him but good and didn’t even need my 2nd and 3rd guy. All in all he could do with some buffing. Boss Shago makes this guy look like a punk even with all of his buffs.

Wait until launch.


Did you sweep the floor enough times?

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just for while…


command grabs and items own him.

Ah the ol’ command grabs…gets em’ 8/10.

Eh regardless of how you do it he’s just too easy to get around. Even on godlike. If you’ve beaten boss shadow jago from season one, then you’ll know what i was expecting from this guy. Unfortunately he needs some slight tweaks, like maybe some grab immunity and sweep immunity on instinct.

The Devs have already noted that Gargos is “incomplete”. They’re fine tuning his AI into something they assure is pretty frightening, as well as being far less susceptible to exploits.

Ok, i didn’t know this and i didn’t see a thread about it so maybe i didn’t search thoroughly enough. I sure hope he gets buffed up some.

Yeah boss shago, all you have to do is block and dp and you’re almost guaranteed a win. Point is if you use an exploit the boss will not be that hard at all, same goes for other FG bosses. The fun is in trying to beat them without resorting to their level at least imo.

Some characters can trap him in a infinite combo (yes infinite without hurting their KV).

To quote Isaac on the Weekly Galaxy stream (or maybe it was Keits I’m not sure):

“Gargos hasn’t been fully awakened yet.”


To paraphrase him even further,
“You’re currently fighting with his twin brother Alan.” :stuck_out_tongue:

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LoL alan. Ive foughtbsome crazy shadows, an ai like that wpuld probably work great.

You must not have played challenging yet.

Did he perhaps mention something about Kim along the same line? I am talking about her gameplay, not her face of course, in case you’re wondering.

Man, you had a different experience than me. I played about 3 days and then skipped to Gargos with all his buffs on normal. He beat all 3 of my characters with a perfect. I donno how you got around that infinite armor but I can attest that to a normal every day shmuck like me he is not too easy. With all the buffs on he felt impossible.

Now I gotta strip him of his buffs and see how I do.

Most people just ended up sweeping him or using command grabs to beat him.

On godlike I did what people suggested a wile ago which was infinite fulgore hype beam. I feel like a ■■■■■ for using it but he wasn’t making it easy dammit. I managed to get him to red bar before I caved in.

Actually i did it on godly. Granted i used gargos to beat gargos but im sure i can do it with just about anyone else. The ai just doesn’t feel smart. I didn’t really need to sweep him which btw should get fixed for the boss version as that makes it even easier than i think it is. But as with all armor you just grab him, i didn’t have much of a problem comboing him either.

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