Gargos is hellboy

I thought i’d post this cuz it looks like no one else has, but it looks like on of Shago’s profile icons is in fact GARGOS, and to top it off, HE HAS A HELLBOY BEARD

Thoughts? if this translates to the final concept of Gargos, I’m so okay with a beard on him

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Someone already made a thread about that image; please don’t make duplicate threads…

I’d been thinking Japanese demon but you are absolutely right! Hellboy! :smiley:

I didn’t see a thread, and i DID look for one, so dont blame me for a “duplicate thread”

Safe to assume that is just a itle but who knows Gargos may look something similar to it. I’m kinda digin’ the look. Tough he’ll also be blue in color to apprantley.

It’s the 1 called “Gargos, you’re 1 ugly mo-fo” in general discussion and BTW, I wasn’t placing blame; I was merely making a request. :wink:

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well so is Shadow Jago and Omen, maybe blue is the Gargos motif of the game, im diggin’ the shadowy blue

Even though there is already a thread about this and I was a person who hated on Gargos, your idea about Gargos being Hellboy gave me a glimmer of hope that he could turn out okay.

I’m sure he may ahve some similar attributes to HellBoy with the beard and all, but I do hope he still retains a similar bulk like he had to his classic apperance. I will admit Gargos was VERY plain in design for today’s standards and I’ll agree he needs some serious sprucing up. A monsteorus final boss that’s rockin’ a serious beard? hell yeah

Don’t forget about his wings. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thw wings are a part of his original design. Hopefully such a think will be necessary.

I just hope that he is not just a larger version of omen because we all know that omen barely gets any love as it is. I honestly think that he should get the “real boy” treatment as well so that there three distinct shadowy demon characters.

I suspect being from the same dimension he will share some similarities to omen aeshcially maybe with lowing hands and feet perhaps and eyes in some way. But I doubt he’ll be treated in the same way as Omen has been depicted.

Unlike Omen, who’s weirdness can be explained by the fact that he pretty much just got his own leverage into the real world so his body is not held togeather as well.

Gargos on the other hand is already a pretty established being so it’s not we can expect Gargos to have strange movements that Omen would have. And being a final boss we can expect more stuff on his design. This is the big-boss we’re talking about. Not an underling.

Honestly though this image is a neat possibility but until we see Gargos himself it remains only a theory.