Gargos is a sneaky little b*

Is it just me or is Gargos forward walk completely silent? From what I can tell, it doesn’t make a sound at all! Of, course, I’m hard of hearing, so I might be mistaken. Still though, the visual appearance of it is very creep-like, almost as if he’s trying to sneak up on some poor, innocent child from behind to scare them (that’s so Gargos! :imp:).

I found this particularly interesting because this could be a hindrance to our small sub-community of blind players - I’ve even reached out to @SightlessKombat to ask how he felt about it. However, I wanted to hear what you guys thought about it, and how this may affect the game positively or negatively in your mind for certain players.

For a game with such great sound effects, IMO, this to me seems like an odd choice - but it helps add a bit of flavor to the character. Not only is he scary and powerful, but he’s the consumate monster and creeper - he’s not out to only rule and/or destroy everything, but to also intimidate and scare you in the process of doing so to make your lives absolutely miserable. He, my friends, IMO, is the ultimate troll among trolls - and with wings!

I understand the concept, but as far as I’m aware it’s a bug and it’ll be fixed (though the timeframe is “stay tuned” in a sense, as no specific time was given, which I can understand).