Gargos Instinct Glitch

Anyone else have this happen: Go into instinct but everytime you hit all 3 punches you get standing light instead of burst? I remember Rico talking about it on stream and I’m wondering if this is a known glitch or not.

Hmm I played a bit yesterday I still got eruption.

I have no idea how to repeat it and it was my first time having it happen. But I was mashing the ■■■■ out of heavies. The only reason I bring it up was because I remember Rico talking about it. Otherwise I would have thought it was just me.

Damn, I thought this was just me being super salty and looking for something to blame, but I have legit lost at least two ranked matches to Eruption not firing off, while my opponent was maybe one or two Tele-Punches from Danger/one lockout from death.

I have to been able to reproduce it consistently, but when I get home I will hit the lab and see what I can find.

I play shadow lab and lab quite a bit. Is it only happening in rank?

The one time I ran into it was a ranked game. I kept play ranked and haven’t had the issue since

It happens me frequently. I dont know how to reproduce it. It happened me both ranked and exibition. In some fights works in the first instinct I get in round 1, then fails on my second activations. Other times, the opposite.

It’s really annoying, I have lost some matches because of this. I already put it on the bug report thread, but please post it by yourselfs too.

It happens since the Eyedol update

You think thats bad , have a look at this

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I’ve noticed this as well, but I play almost exclusively offline-local (internet is connected, game is not in offline mode, but my opponent is sitting next to me). So I don’t think it has much to do with game-mode.

So, could it be a situational thing? If so, what situation(s) prompt this behavior (the failure of Burst)?

By my recollection (which admittedly isn’t great, I couldn’t tell you if I noticed it pre- or post-Eyedol), I can’t remember an instance of Burst NOT working as a second breaker. If I was being combo’d, locked out, and Bursted, it worked. I don’t think I’ve tried to Burst out of a juggle, nor have I tried to Burst before trying (and failing) to break.

I have tried wake-up Burst, and in my experience using Burst to subvert a knockdown (as in, mash Burst during a hard knockdown and not Bursting until wake-up) hasn’t worked, but I assume that’s intentional.

I have tried to Burst out of meaties and neutral buttons (the not-good usage isn’t the point here), to varying degrees of success, and here is where I got to thinking about it, as is this my most noted point-of-failure.

This is purely brainstorming, and I know next to nothing about programming, but bear with this layman for a moment:

Could it be hitstop related? Considering one must be armored to Burst, and that armor doesn’t affect hitstop, perhaps the hitstop is not allowing cancellation (in this case, into Burst).

The mention of the Eyedol patch got me thinking about it, because Eyedol does a weird thing - he uncontrollably cancels moves. In my time playing him to 50 (no slo-mo or frame-stepping lab work), I am pretty certain that stance-switch does cancel recovery frames of the move that prompts it. I must assume, however, much like the cancel-into-counterbreak-from-manual rules, it does not allow for the cancellation from hitstop frames.

I am having a hard time explaining myself. I lack too much technical knowledge. But essentially, accidental or no, could it be a denial of hitstop cancellation?

The failure to recognize Burst as available (getting jab instead, even when using macro) is a bit more confusing though. Do we have any resident software engineers?

What situations have you guys been noticing it in? Maybe we can Scooby-Doo this bad boy.

If I was better at working my Xbox DVR, and if live was working, I’d try to get a clip but in the neautral I’ve had it not working. Today I fought a Jago who was full screen launching fireballs and I was getting jab instead of burst. I believe a minion was on the screen but nothing that should stop me from bursting.

Sorry for not keeping up with this discussion but are you sure it’s not just an input issue? If either your MP or HP are slightly late, you’ll get a jab.

I do acknowledge the human error element, especially for stick players. I haven’t gotten around to running lab experiments with it, so I don’t know what to make of the ‘jab priority’ besides human error. I mentioned that because it was included in the OP.

What I am certain of is that sometimes Burst does not trigger when the 3P macro (farthest top right button for me). What I am not certain of is the why of it.

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I don’t know how I never found this thread but this has been happening to me for a while. It’s really annoying in ranked matches where you’re just throwing out jabs and can’t block because it’s glitching. Definitely needs fixing.

Kinda strange this has been going on for 2 months now with no fix. What’s the proper way to report this?