Gargos Impression Poll 📈

I do as well!

I simply look at Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat as visual stand outs and killer instinct has the most versatile and creative combo system ever.

If you want to get technical with cross ups and manuals with ultra enders you can be flashy
Or you can be kinetic and play footsie and quick special bouts and still have a great time


I agree. KI’s got the most freeform of gameplay and you can’t simply win a match by doing the exact same combos over and over. MKX easily you can win with it.

Also KI’s got the most diverse and uniqe characters across in design. It’s not just some guy from one country fighting some guy from another country and none of the characters really tick to a humanoid design either like in MK.


Well I may not find the clown accessories scary but DAMN!!! did my nephew see those accessories. My bro accidently showed him those. He looked startled.

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I mean it’s like… Killer Instinct.

When I was young, K.I. was SO epic, because of the amazing design and music.
Mind boggling, actually.

I was like, proud to play it, proud to be a part of it, it was like a part of my life.

I put a CD in the car, put posters up on the wall. AMAXING music. AMAZING posters.

Neither of these new iterations of Gargos is ever making a poster on my wall, not after the glorius RARE designs i’ve been exposed to and grew up on.

As someone who has supported the franchise WAY longer than most of the younger guys on this board, I’d also like to be able to use that RARE music in the game instead of probably… all of the new tracks.

I figured, this game is gonna be SO epic that I could have Glacius’s K.I. 1 music play in his stage, and T.J. Combo’s K.I. 2 music play in his stage, when I set it in the options.

I figured that this game would easily be a K.I. museum for deeper fans, with excellent presentation, the way games are these days. Not to mention the fact that they are using the Killer Instinct franchise to sell this game.

All i’m saying is, it should be pretty easy to give the epic fans of K.I. what we expect, if you’re going to market Retro Costumes.

Hopefully, you just tried your hardest with this rent-an-engine the game has.

Most of you younger guys who didn’t grow up on K.I. in my humble opinion, don’t have the slightest clue as to what good character design and good music melody is, when it comes to the standards that the K.I. franchise set, and shouldn’t even be weighing in on designs that are supposed to be being (lol) brought back, just for deeper fans. How could you? It has nothing to do with you.

You missed K.I. 1 and K.I 2? That’s life.
Absorb and enjoy the newer designs that were done for you.
Deeper fans want that higher standard we’re used to, simply copied.


It won’t be copyright infringement because it’s Killer Instinct!

That Donkey Kong Gargos, and Uncle Fester Retro Gargos, that you new guys love so much, is for you new guys to put up on your bedroom walls. Right where it belongs.

I still appreciate everything that’s being done, with the revival of Killer Instinct!

I grew up well within the age of KI and KI2, and played both of them in the arcades. Old Gargos’ design still sucked. :neutral_face:


I agree…it was pretty Meh…but the new retro couldn’t even get Meh right.

& I gotta say, the way they presented retro Gargos on the stream, laughing about how goofy he was, it seems pretty obvious his retro wasn’t made to appeal to classic design enthusiasts…it was made to mock them.

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So, yeah, no.

I grew up with the original KI as well and you may want to pop those rose colored glasses off and realize the staggering difference in what we have now vs what we had before. I’m 34 and I’ve been a gamer my entire life… I will NEVER understand this bizarre belief that all these old games could do no wrong and were somehow pillars of perfection… Spoiler, they weren’t. We were kids then, and we just filled in the numerous blank spaces in those games with our imagination.

They WERE gems, but for different reasons. These games have come to represent entire periods of our lives, periods that were some of the most formative in our lives because of the age and time we found them. What passed for a gem then was perceived by a mind far more malleable and open and willing and desirous of stretching it’s wings and working for what it loved and what it wanted to see, than most of us now possess. Lifetimes have come and gone with enumerable experiences and happenings. The magic we could so easily apply to low-fi sound and muddied pixels to build it into a detailed, beautiful and thorough world is not so easily conjured now.

The original KI was a cool game, but it was cool because standards were different. Things have changed.

You say more than once what ‘we’ wanted, but I see countless people saying it’s great and a almost no one saying otherwise… which begs the question, who is this ‘we’?

The tone of superiority towards people who might have come late to the KI franchise doesn’t fit either. I’d you really love something that much you should be WANT to share it. Not segment that thing in to the people you think ‘deserve’ to have an opinion vs those that don’t meet your criteria and thus don’t deserve …

I dunno man. Your your own, but it’s silly, elitist, a little xenophobic and a whole lot misinformed.


Old Retro Gargos is what the Retro K.I. fans expect as… guess what, Retro Gargos.
There’s Cranky Kong Gargos, and Retro Uncle Fester Gargos, for new fans like yourself to enjoy.

No one’s saying the engine isn’t powerful.

They’re saying, well, their excuse is that… the models don’t look as they should because of how the engine is made.
How is an engine built for Killer Instinct, from the ground up, unable to properly portray characters that ALREADY exist?
They probably forgot to remember that hahaha.

Yeah, Gargos was the probably the worst character design in K.I. 2, but it wasn’t his face that was terrible. The entire model simply needed a bit more ‘work’. He was a bit too hunched over and always looked kind of rushed. But yeah, the new retro looks even worse, JUST because the face is bad. The body is there now, for sure, that’s excellent, but the face, which you mainly associate a character with, is goofy. Goofy…

Yeah, why market Retro Costumes, then mock the original designs?
New fans have no connection to the Retro Costumes.
The original designs are what made real fans lobby for a new Killer Instinct for all these years, until it became a reality.
Then the real fans were the first to support.

I owned K.I. 1 and K.I.2. and, played K.I. 2 from then until now on the MAME emulator.
Trying to tell me that I forgot how good that game looked? Well, do your thing.

When new fans weigh in on how they want the Retro designs to look, it defeats the purpose. Who in their right mind even creates a scenario for this to happen?

As for your opinion of Low-Fi sound and muddled pixels, everything was like that then.

What makes it worse is that way more love was poured into the beautiful melodies of the original music.

Either way, i’m not talking about today’s technology being newer, you state the obvious, which speaks for itself… i’m talking about design flaws that are MORE glaring NOW, than when the game was designed years ago.

My opinion is based on fact. Your opinion is based on somehow pretending that we forgot how polished the original games were, and stating obvious facts like, ‘today’s technology is newer’.
Waste of time.

I’m learning a lot reading this thread.


In my opinion there’s 2 different type of fans but not one of them have higher priority over the other:

1-Fans who enjoy the series as a whole and support it through and through so it can keep going.

2-Fans who would rather leave the game in the dust because it didn’t meet their expectations. Potentially killing the series as a whole.

While both types can both be considered just as big of a fan as the other. Both have a right to their opinions and both can either be respectful or disrespectful to those who agree or disagree with them. Both Fan types are either old school fans who grew up with the game in the 90s, or simply have been exposed to it at some point in their life either through the old games or just this singular one.

The difference is: Fan type #1 will make sure the series does not disappear again. Thus in the future there is potential for more KI and continue to support the game. Obviously they can have a few issues with the game but despite the imperfection the game is loved. People are able to look pass it and appreciate the game for what it is.

Fan type# 2 assumes KI can always comeback even if there’s chance that failure in a 20 year old franchise with only 3 games in its belt Compared to other franchises which are not as unknown at the time and also have more games on their belt.

They wouldn’t mind leaving it in the dust because it doesn’t hold to their SPECIFIC expectations in the series. The game does not look exactly like the old one, so they’d much rather have the game die and potentially kill off the series as a whole.

which one are you? : U

I don’t consider “deepness” in concern of fans. Fans are fans and there’s different types.

Also I think’s a bit iffy when you say “fan deepness” as if your words should be taken more into consideration when the reality is your opinions are just level as everyone elses.

Also a tip: If you want folks to respect your words: don’t talk down to them, and don’t act like everyting you say is the worldly truth, because it’s only truth to you, when to everyone else it’s opinion.

: > enjoy your day!


The polls lack a “pitiful creature” option


There is no such thing as a true fan. That’s how I see it. Only those who can like the new game or not.
heck I still love Halo but I had my reasons for skipping Halo 5.

Character designs are all based on taste.

For example: I think a fully feathered Riptor design idea was very aleinating and not a good idea because to me Riptor was always a viscous monster of a beast.

To me a flightless bird does not look scary (except onebut it’s extinct) mot feathered raptor designs make me think of modern flightless birds like Ostrich and Emu, which look silly. Others may disagree and maybe they can see the ferocity in a flightless bird that I don’t.

I think modern Riptor’s look is awesome and actually interesting, wile I admit I missed the serpent design factors to Riptor and the fact that by looking at her I could see all the small little things in her appearance that makes like a real chimera of a creature, I like the old design jut as much, and I get that same feeling playing her in this KI just as I do in KI1.

I think Mira is one of the most bland new characters in KI because of the “human with fangs” trope associated with vampires. Others may disagree and perhaps like that design of a vampire and that’s perfectly fine to they don’t have to agree with me. But what’s great about this game is: There’s only 2 characters I don’t like it, be it how they are when you fight them (Sadira) or their appearance (Mira). As opposed to games like Smash, MKX, Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Soul Calibar 5, where I at least hate 1/3 of the whole cast.

The only issue I really have with your posting and why I’m bombarding you with these replies: You’re acting like everything you say is truth, just like the last few folks. And alot of them were the kind that didn’t care how well this game was doing and would rather have it dissapear in the dust, even if its success means more KI in the near future or or failur and never another KI game happening again.

Character design is a matter of taste. You’re not the Grand-King of character design. No one here is. So let’s have a convo with out talking down to people. You’re thoughts are on the same level as everyone whom you claim “isn’t” a “true fan”

Enjoy your day!


Okay while we all love talking about (and some how debating) about the old KI, we should probably focus back on what the threads about, the Shadow lord Gargos. I personally like the new design for the default Gargos. It really brings up the threat he could pose as a villain. He’s almost like an inner dimensional demon in appearance. Another thing to consider is how the character is presented. We have a grotesque monster with wings and some epic abilities as well as seeing how much of a threat he would be to the planet.

The retros design is okay in my opinion. Not much of a fan of the clown accessories (which did scare the heck out my of nephew) but other than that, Gargos maybe one of the best for Season 3.

This could even (not holding my breath on this one) open the door for Eyedol and have him get presented in the new game to.

Indeed. Which is why I hope Eyedol makes it to. Cause I want to see how well they can make this guy!

Lol. I’m glad one of us is…I’m hating myself for even checking back in on it :sob:


Let’s not let one idiot trolling (again) about the nose derail the whole thread.

I’m impressed by Gargos in several ways. First, I think his aesthetic is pretty impressive. I also think the way they incorporated his wings into his gameplay is pretty impressive.

I’m also really impressed by his move set. Lots of interesting things going on there.

Basically they have taken the worst character in the entire KI universe - boring, generic, and with a three move fighting style - and made him into a real character. Unexpectedly, I am really looking forward to trying him out.


Don’t let it spoil the day : >

When you have topics about opinion you’ll always find that one dude who talks down to people with differing opinions.

I see great things for an Eyedol…except for his retro. I feel with Gargos being how he is we’re not going to see a 2-headed Harryhousen-esque design but rather something equally goofy…
…and I wouldn’t be surprised if he either has Blanka-themed or Double Dragon-themed accessories in reference to his long lost son Billy ending.

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