Gargos Impression Poll 📈

I liked his gameplay

His design is not match the concept
Needs extra work
Especially his noise

His music was perfect from KI2

His intro
I would prefer if it includ an earthquake effect and then the camera is focused at his face while he getting down from above by his wings


The only real beef I have with Gargos is his intro quote. Aside from it being a over-over-overdone cliche’ , it’s kinda cornball…which is why I keep poping up the Zod reference so much lately. Does the whole astral plane have a kneeling/bowing fetish? Because so far it’s only 2 residents are as much into kneeling as Orchid is into flushing.
Was there not something else bada$$ he could have said instead? I will give it credit, the delivery is good. But still…

…plus, something else doesn’t sit well with me about it…but it’s ineffable…I can’t quite put my finger on it…


His new design is pretty good, great animation. Some of his accessories/color combinations with said accessories make his new look incredible, especially the wing variations!

His Retro would be good but sadly yet AGAIN IG screwed up the face. His nose is obnoxiously large…like what are they trying to say with giving a demon a comically large nose…it’s weird and instantly ruins the profile. I’ll never touch the retro.


Leo and Satan/10

I agree. This nose thing was very unnecessary. It completely ruins the profile for me as well.

It appears that the few younger people who said that the old Gargos didn’t have a nose, got their way.
Like if demons breathe oxygen or something.
Why does this keep happening?

Smells fishy to me.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, i’d think that they purposely disrespect the retro costumes so that their new ones don’t have any competition.

This ‘nosy’ Gargos isn’t Retro Gargos at all. He looks like a completely different character from some cheesy Hollywood film.

Please just bring back the Rare designs, please…

Not, what you think the old characters should have looked like.
That’s NOT Retro.
That’s remodeled, or redone, or reimagined… whatever.
But it is NOT Retro.

We should have been more specific and asked for the Rare skins.

It’s for the older players. It wouldn’t bother younger players, they can use the official new designs.


To me, Gargos comes off a little too edgy and a little too tryhard. He doesn’t look threatening / majestic enough demand deification.

Shout out to whoever designed Gargos’ minions, though. They look terrifying.

in my vision he would have been different: use more the fly thing, he should has been always floating into the air near the ground and not walk but fly back and forward (which does not mean that it is immune from down hits like footboards). he would has been the only one with these skills, now there won’t be anyone who can fly like him. this is a lost train, and portal moves aren’t that exciting by the way. good the retro design even if, as always, only mods will fill the gap.
really hoping that with eyedol they will valorize his main peculiarity, the duality.

After they finish all of these ‘Classic’ or ‘Retro’ costumes, as they like to call / market them, maybe they can start to bring back the Rare skins that all of the older players keep asking for.

The irony.

Maybe i’ll start another ‘controversial’ topic on bringing back the Rare skins.

In this world, if you don’t ask for exactly what you want, you end up with some gimmick or the other, guaranteed…

If you want something done properly, either do it yourself, or make sure you specify exactly what you want.

I don’t know about you guys but I see a big nose.

Whan I look at the retro, it has a big nose.

So what? I’d say the big nose makes him look like a gargoyle.


Lol how are we looking at the same image??

His retro nose is easily twice as big as it was in KI2…maybe even triple the size…it looks ridiculous.

His jaw got shrunk and his ears got bigger…its like IG was intentionally trying to make him look goofy. You’d think they were aiming for another ‘joke character’ then serious retro look…


I agree with you WheresAARon, that guy just can’t see how Gargos’s face has been changed and is now mis-proportioned.
He is unable to see it.
That sets us and him apart, that’s all.

Anyway, the new Gargos face looks pitiful, compared to the cool looking original, even though it’s decades later, and a much higher resolution.

The problem may be that the graphics engine that Killer Instinct runs on isn’t as high-quality as the older K.I. 2 graphics engine.
Corners were cut somewhere for sure, this isn’t a Rare production.

That old engnie allowed Rare to do what they wanted to do in design. This new engine, it’s probably some engine used in other games, and it isn’t specific to Killer Instinct, and they have to do alot of work-arounds to portray the characters to be what they are supposed to be.

Rent-An-Engine VS Built To Perform I guess… there is simply no comparison.

Retro Tusk’s face looks like he was born with a slight disability. No disrespect to anyone.

I am get into so much ‘trouble’ here!

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He looks great. And he has no problem with those big ■■■ wings, so why can’t Omen have his out at all times too? He’d look less lame.

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swords I agree at that angle his nose looks really odd more like a garden nombe or something.

I’d have made it flatter lol.

His forehead is a bit large too…

Still tho I think he looks awesome and I like his retro.

There is something missing from this season I do agree…

Rares models were so good and are being overlooked masively.

Mayas original design was a bit awful BUT the rest of the cast looked awesome in ki 1 and 2

Ive loved most of IGS updated models but some things have been well off. Considering the Base marital is so strong for this game I’m really not sure what’s being lost in translation.


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Everyone views the same thing different don’t get all knotted in your nethers because of differing opinons :>

Gargos did kinda have a good sized nose, I think the reason it looks bigger is because his chin I think is a little small. Not like that’s something I’m going to be worried about when I’m kicking his ■■■. (or getting my ass kicked?)

personally aside from maybe being a bit skinny for a retro look, Gargos’ retro looks pretty close t the original. Albeit this time with bigger wings.

Even if he doesn’t look 100% like the retro one thing or another you folks really should of started seeing this coming and gotten use to this by now. Not all the retros will be 100% like the originals.

Some of the retros for whatever the reason either look off because of the way the bone rig on the new design models of characters, or just something else entirely.

I will agree that while the KI models where very disproportionate (IE Sabrewulf and Combo had super thin waists) the character designs were still pretty good and alot of fun. Just as the new designs are pretty cool in their own right. In my opinion anyway.

I personally feel like there is alot missing in season3 myself but it has more to do with no Ultimates and in my case what’s far less concerning for me, only three stages as it stands for this season.

If we do get a season 4 I’d like it to be additional stages for the characters that don’t have one, along with Ultimates for every member of the cast.

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Always amazed at how much people complain about things. Old Gargos was a pretty crappy design, but whatever, I guess the people want what they want. *shrug *

As a general note though, KI’s engine (the Hex Engine) was designed from the ground up for KI by Double Helix. It isn’t a rent-an-engine, and it is orders of magnitude more powerful than what Rare was working with in the 90’s. Your issues with the retro are design/artistic issues, not a result of sub-par processing power or any other such thing.


Some of the changes was caused by the bone rigging to.


I voted mostly greats across the board , but I feel like he sum of Gargos is even greater than his parts and consider him a brilliant character design. At least for now.

I say for now because until he’s released into the wild it’s hard to know how he will flesh out.

That said though, his moveset is extremely interesting and from what I’ve seen there isn’t going to be a ‘right’ way to play him. It will be up to the individual to decide just how he’s played. The oddball combination of air, long range and point blank ability should leave a billion options open for players to make him thier own.

To me, the pinnacle of good character design is making a character with multiple successful approaches. That doesn’t mean multiple styles exactly, you aren’t going to play a long range zoning version of TJ for example, but in the case of TJ, he’s a rushdown/mixup archetype with a fluidity to his moves that let a player express themselves and make their TJ thier own character. Gargos at first glance, will seriously personify this. I’d expect to see 11 different high level Gargos’s played in 11 distinct high level styles. THAT’S why I think he’s one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen in any fighting game in a long time.

Killer Instinct does this very well across much of its cast. The character design is very freeform. The game systems help with this of course, but still. This has always been my issue with SFV actually. The game is competitively amazing and the game itself is great all around but its definitely not a means to express yourself through your character. Each character has essentially one BnB with one or two variations based on if it was opened with a crush counter or something else, and if you have/want to spend meter to Ex, or link a super. So when I play (or watch) another Nash, all I’m seeing is someone who is better or worse at essentially the same hit confirms, frame trap(s) and BnBs… Dhalsim, despite who’s playing him, does the exact same thing. One player may do it more often and be busier, but its still the same. In KI when I watch multiple Jago matches, there is a very distinct difference between Thompson’s, Rico’s, Shonyru’s, Dayton’s, and on and on. Yet despite being very different, they are all very dangerous and very good.

Just for good measure, I mention that not to start a ■■■■-fit or because I think SFV is bad or blah blah. Its a great game and I’m not saying otherwise, even in the slightest, I am simply using it as a counterpoint to the freeform-fluidity that makes KI’s characters stand out so much to me, especially Gargos. Also Im bored and have a splitting headache and typing this all up has been cathartic and pleasant.


I agree with all of that :smile:

Only thing I’m not a fan of is his ultra.

I was hoping for him to grab and hold the opponents head and slam them repeatedly on the floor to the music. Similar to Orochi Yashiro’s multi-slam super in King of Fighters 2002 UM

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