Gargos' henchmen

We got Omen for being Gargos’ herald. I can imagine Sadira joining after being abandoned by ARIA of Ultratech.

Ultratech has its minions: Fulgore, Cinder & Riptor.

What kind of characters can we go for to be a part of Gargos’ empire?

A gorgon? A minotaur? A harpy? Elves? Dwarves? Zombies?

I doubt Sadira would decide to join Gargos. Thats like someone turning against humanity to side with the demons of hell.

Well in one of Sadira’s endings, it’s said that she abandoned her humanity for her lust for wealth and power so I wouldn’t be surprised.

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I’m pretty sure in her backstory it said something about accepting an offer from omen.

She technically isn’t human anymore. Her enhanced powers come from a magical spider.

Definitely Omen and Shadow Jago. Though Omen’s story kind of suggested he might try to break away from Gargos and do his own thing.

Possibly Kan-Ra out of pure fear lol I can see Gargos coming from the portal and Kan-ra being absolutely terrified and bow down and offer to be a minion of his.

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…just to backstab him at the first opportunity. Kan-Ra is a sneaky lil ■■■■■■■.


IMO Gargos henchmen are:

His Herald: Omen
His failed vessel: Shago
His combat minions: Izzik and Dretch
"Human" agents: The Tzar(Vampire Coven, including Mira), The eyes of Rylai(Sadira, convinced by Omen)
New character as his Field General: Eyedol?
His army: The mimics, an army of morphing creatures who takes the form of Earth fighters