Gargos has an "Ultimate" Ultra Ender?

Apparently Gargos has a second ulra ender that can be done if you hold forward and do the ender, but only if you have a supreme victory…


If we don’t get Ultamates proper, Should we at least get “Ultimate” Ultra enders?


that is pretty… boss! lol

Where does it say anything about “ultimate” ? Just curious where the word ultimate is coming from in this.

Shadow Jago’s ultimate can only be done with a supreme victory, and apparently the OP says this ender can only be done with a supreme victory, similar to an Ultimate, hence he called it an “Ultimate Ender.”


The word “Ultimate” is coming from me. The reason I use it is because Shago’s Ultimate can only be done if you have a Supreme victory…the same stipulation for Gargos’ 2nd Ultra finisher.

Gargos is awesome.

Wait how did you find this “Ultimate”?

That isn’t my video, I just found that on YouTube. If you read the description of the video on YouTube though, the uploader says he got the info from Guttermagic (iirc).

Charizard would be proud.

Certainly not an ultimate but that’s pretty cool.

Oh ok I don’t know anything about that. Can’t you do shagos ultimate any time during the match ? Sorry I’m not really familiar with stuff like this. What are the stipulations for getting a supreme victory ? I never knew what caused it to be a supreme victory or regular.

Supreme is when you you win with your health bar still green. With Drago you might be thinking of his instinct move.

Ohhh ok that explains it, and I’m talking about the one where the screen turns black and he slices the person mid air. Is that his ultimate ?

That is only when you life is green and you do qcf with grab when the opponent health says danger likes an ultra

I wonder if ARIA gets the same thing…hmmmmmm