Gargos guide by Max

Lo and Behold. Here’s Max’s mini assist me on the pretty cool things Gargos can do. It doesn’t cover a whole lot, but it’s a pretty good stepping stone for who want to get into him

When are we getting this!?! Training mode on real stages?

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Yeah that kind of confuses me too.

According to Max in the comments, he is actually using a dev build for this video. The usage of training mode is meant for testing characters and stages. You may also notice the gametag in the lifebar to prove it’s a dev build.

It would be nice too if we could be able to play real stages in training mode anytime soon.

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Never, it’s been shown off in other videos before. If they were going to give it to us they would have by now.

It just seems like the perfect way to implement online training mode. Stage selection and everything. That’s what I first thought when I saw this. I hope they read this. That would be a sick way to round out Season 3. Since it’s really hard to coach people when you can only play matches on limited life.