Gargos' full power

If Gargos is the boss for season 3, his true powers would’ve been revealed by now.

By at the end of the last character.

They haven’t revealed boss Gargos but they’ve already said he’s broken and op compared to playable Gargos.

He’s got Bison’s technique the Psycho Drive.

It’s gonna take a long time till he’s complete.

Maybe vibes of not just Bison, but also…

Aw, I thought this was going to be a discussion about his power story wise :confused:


Well I hope Gargos will be one of the best bosses in KI.

Psycho crusher
the Psycho drive is bison’s regeneration tank (yeah I am a SF nerd XD)

Gargos will be like SFA3 Bison

Balanced as a character

OP AS HELL as a boss

Presumably boss!Gargos WILL the full extent of his canon power.

Which really must make you wonder “what the heck is the Shadow Lords version like?”

I suppose, though I think it is kind of hard to gauge fighting game characters by their gameplay since sometimes they can seem stronger/weaker than they actually are due to game mechanics, know what I mean? For example in MK9, I could kill Shao Kahn with Stryker only using gun shots if I wanted to which clearly would never happen in story, as Kahn would crush Styker like a bug lol

I hope we have some cool cut scenes in story mode that really show him off. Do we have any confirmation as to where it is he goes in his win pose? It seems like space since the Earth is behind him. Him being able to portal himself into space at any moment is pretty impressive as he could just BFR the human characters out there and kill them instantly lol his portal powers in general are sick af

he is strong but wouldn’t say OP. he has lots of weaknesses and vulnerabilities like a lot, enough to lose a match easy if your not careful

How would you guys picture Boss Gargos? I mean he’s got his minions, the oblivion portals and the grab. What else?

I don’t think he needs anything else… get two minions out and see how flustered your opponent gets.


You’re referencing Shinnok from MKX and MK9 Shao-Khan? from my experience they are the biggest wimps of final bosses in modern fighting game history. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve killed these guys.

When my bro and I coop to fight Shao-Khan of MK9 we’re not there to get a challenge. We’re there to collect some debt he owes us. Complete with two-by-fours’ and brass-knuckles.

When I use to care a bit more about MKX I was going in to get some lunch money and give wedgies to that punk of a fallen elder god. That and his underwhelming “final form”

Seriously thoug I think Gargos should be just as challenging as Shago in season1 of a final boss. I wanna fight that I had spent 4 hours and 101 attempts on!

Let’s hope boss Gargos is as tough as the devs say.

Boss Gargos only uses Devil’s Divide and then holds back. He only has the “Salty” audio cue and you can never block the command grab.

Maybe Gargos will have an “Ultimate Combo” just like Shago once had.

Once Gargos’ boss power is revealed, I can imagine him being KI’s Trigon, if he’s destroyed, he’d leave behind a child on Earth.

Imagine my psychic character can be KI’s Raven mixed with Viola, Jean Grey, Ermac, Kenshi, Rose, Psylocke & Kitana.