Gargos' Extended Story

Wonder if they’ll reveal Gargos’ extended story.

He’s the ruler of the creatures called Ikkorans. But can they explain how he was locked away for centuries?

Could he & his kind be one of Satan’s servants?

I would love a Novella chapter dedicated to Gargos, I am hoping we get some more info on him be a chapter or in Shadow Lords.

I have a feeling Tusk, one of Kim Wu’s ancestors, and maybe some ancient/early night guard members are the ones who sealed him away, but we will see :slight_smile: I do hope they touch up on that for us.

I am thinking Gargos is the Killer Instinct universe’s take on Satan. He sure looks the part imo :smiling_imp:


Well I believe Gargos is one of the devil’s servants sent to destroy mankind.

What if he is the Satan of the KI Universe?

I mean the guy messages people through fires saying he’s going to flay their souls.

In a would-have-been Gargos tech thread one of the officials (can’t remember who) plainly stated that Gargos and the Astral Plane have nothing to with Judeo-Christian mythology. There is no Satan in KI, nor a Hell. Gargos is a spiritual entity, not a demon, with no connection to contemporary religions whatsoever.

Not saying he is but it’s still a good comparison.

And he very well could be, I was just throwing out my personal opinion :slight_smile: