Gargos' end quotes

From the Gargos trailer where he makes remarks on his opponents.

Jago: How does it feel to meet your god?
ARIA: I can play your game too, machine.
Tusk: Your immortality ends HERE! HAHAHAHA!

How do you picture him what he’d say to the others?

Orchid: Don’t worry, my dear. You’ll be joining your brother soon.

Imagine him if he says those things during Ultra Combo.

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Gargos is not the kind of guy to call someone “Sweet”

Riptor: Allow me to be the second meteor.
Kan-Ra: Played you like a violin and about to cut your strings. (Totally not stolen from Batman: Arkham Asylum)
Cinder: I am not the angel who flies too close to the sun to come burning down. I am the God who shall extinguish its FLAME.
That’s all I got.


Would love to hear his taunt dialogue during his Supreme Ultra Ender.

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I would love it and his taunt would have more words.

Fixed it.

He kinda does this at the end of shadow lords, he even has some banter with certain characters.

His banter with the other characters in Shadow Lords is pretty funny. Especially with Cinder. It is something of the nature of “Now this guy, this guy O like.”