Gargos early access 236 hit quad ultra

old record 221 hits by HKsmash, new record 236 hits by Ki4Life


Utterly ridiculous, I love it!

2 things: 1st, IMO, it gets kinda boring to watch after a while, since nothing really changed - it was just the same thing on repeat with no real variety whatsoever as far as I could tell. 2ndly, why not max out the KV meter, then do the ultra, get the reset, do a whole new combo, and then go into the ultra again - rinse and repeat? I watched that and felt like he actually could’ve done far more, but for whatever reason, chose not to…

Because he would have blown out the combo for the recaptures if he maxed out the KV. Also every multi-ultra is just the same things over and over again, that’s why people complain.

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I don’t think I’ve ever been so hype for a character to come out. Gargos looks hella fun to play. Plus those accessories sets don’t help either. This week is going to be long that’s for sure.


Really? 'Cause in my experience, doing an ultra resets the KV meter. And for the record, I know the ultra looks the same. What I’m referring to is in between the ultras, where you can really mix things up. Also, the video was taken in practice mode; he could’ve started a long combo, done 2 shadow moves, maxed out the KV meter with manuals, activated instinct, fill up the KV meter again with manuals, and then activate the 1st ultra. It’d add an insane number of hits and not affect the KV at all during said ultra! …at least in my experience.

Doing ultra doesn’t reset the KV. Instinct canceling does, though.

Also, you can do that strategy of maxing the KV before doing your first ultra but it doesn’t work as well for people who need to recapture to continue the ultra, because recaptures tend to do have huge KV penalties during ultra combos (so people can’t do it forever). The strategy of filling the KV to about 50, doing ultra, then recapturing and doing ultra again, is the correct one if you are trying to maximize the number of hits.

Well, that would explain why I so often have my opponent seemingly randomly spin out when I hit them with the shadow natural disaster following a shadow payload assault after the ultra with Aganos. I’ll experiment with what you’ve told me in the lab to see for myself.

Yes, shadow recapture needs to have a KV penalty, because otherwise you could do ultra, shadow ND, ultra, shadow ND forever (shadow moves normally don’t add to the KV). They force you to stop it short by adding like 50 to the KV or something if you try to recapture during ultra.