Gargos Dynamic Theme Arrangement Suggestion

So, I’ve got a request for Gargos’s theme to make it more user friendly in game.
When the player gets a 16 hit+ combo it plays a pretty meh arrangement of notes. Sounds more like an ending arrangement than a driving part of the theme, but the ending arrangement is much more impactful.
You know what’d make it more hype? If it played the classic Gargos Guitar solo instead. It seems to come up at random otherwise, which is a bummer because that’s one of the best parts of the track AND an integral part of the classic theme. So I vote that it should follow the same rule that Cinder’s theme does and play that awesome lead when you really put a pounding on your opponent.

I agree - it makes sense really that the main/classic melody should play as the high combo part in this theme.

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