Gargos Customization Speculation Thread

Alright, guys. You know the drill by now :wink:
In May, we’re getting the big ugly demon himself: Gargos

So, let’s think up what kinda colors/accessories we’ll see.
I’ve only got a few wishes.
-A Doom based set, with the classic Cyberdemon or the Doom3 Hellknight…

And a color 9 that has his skin completely black, covered with demonic runes with a blood red or fiery glow emanating from within his eyes and mouth.

LOTR Balrog?


His new design reminds me a little of Oryx from Destiny, so perhaps a set with similar accessories as his:

I would like to see his color 9 be similar to what Omen looks like, Semi transparent or ghost-like to see what he would look like in the astral plane.

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Blizzard’s Diablo:

The Balrog from Lord of the Rings:

Other ideas could be having a grim reaper kinda look, like from Dante’s Inferno:

Or maybe a fallen angel kind of look:


All this Balrog hype is getting me heated

Though I think that the Balrog and to a lesser extent Warcraft 3 are to blame for why I want a glowy charred color 9.

Do what you want IG, but do not make goofy and not si funny accessories as riptor s dress or tusk wrestling gear.

It s the (last?) boss, dont make hum a joke !

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Wings/ chest

I can see an armored set already

And an accesorie with broken horns

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I completely agree with you.
Riptors cheerleader set is a complete joke that never gets used by anyone because it is ridiculous and dumb-looking.
I really hope that all of Gargos’s accessories are serious ones.

I am guessing his horns will be changeable via accessories. I imagine he might get some sort of armor accessories.

I would like to be able to get him some sort of cloth/pants for his netherregion lol

Maybe a little something like that, I think that would look really cool.


1.people use the cheerleader accessories

2.Britney spears bro!,0,630,1200_AL.jpg

Lord Zedd would be Awesome

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FFVIII Diablos. Wicked hype.

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