Gargos Concept Doodle (WIP/Invitation)

Edit: New sketch(es) added!
Hey guys, came up with a little concept for Gargos. I REALLY wanted to break away from his old appearance, since it was literally just a gargoyle. Since his role in the story is that of a universe destroying Elder God with Lovecraftian levels of power (striking horror even into those who cannot die), I decided he needs an update. So, I laid out a few guiding principles, and drew up a little sketch in a few minutes.

Obviously a work in progress, but it will do for now. I’ll likely try to make iterative improvements to the design as time goes on, but I’d also like to enlist you guys to try and help out in case I don’t get the free time to do it myself. As is barely visible on the image listed, here are my main concept points

*Base skull design is a tiger, since he is the “Tiger Spirit”
-Teeth modified: Long spikes, similar in proportion to a small sabretooth
-Deep,Shadowy eyes like bottomless pits, like staring into the void
-Long, ratty hair
-Multiple sets if long curved horns similar to an Ibex or Kudu
-Rune on forehead
-Long ears, just like the original
-Skin tight against the skull, giving an aged, decayed appearance.
-Skeletal nose hole, no cheeks or “kitty mouth puff lips” (or whatever the scientific term is) to keep it from looking like it’s simply just a tiger
-Snake tongue?

*Entire body adorned with glowing demonic runes
-Veiny, cracked limb markings resemlbing tiger stripes
-large rune on chest
-runed forehead

*Spine/Quills running down their back
-Largest towards shoulders, smaller as they run down
-Starts at the neck, ends at the tip of the tail
-Also present on elbows

*Broken, leathery bat wings
-Skeletal in appearance, but might and imposing.

*Writhed in shadow, like Omen, or Shago in instinct.

*Large, tall body. Intimidating stature. Taller than Glacius, huge like Thunder. A true BOSS
-Ultra muscles. Make him look like the beefy cosmic horror we know and love.
-Massive arms, quilled elbows, ending in tiger claw tipped bony fingers
-Definitely didn’t skip leg day. Well muscled, with talons for mighty, shredding kicks
-Hairy, but only slightly, to blend with the quills
-Hairless tail similar to a tiger’s, covered on all side by needle-like spikes

Note, this is a work in progress, and I will try to post up new images regularly.
Again, I happily invite any other artists here in the forums to join in and try their hand at this design. Feel free to leave suggestions, and tag anyone you feel is up to the task! Whether they be amateur, professional, even on the KI dev team.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get back to work.

Edit: Here’s another quick sketch of a concept for the head. Figure this would be as good a place as any to catalogue the process.

Edit: After looking at the “Face of Gargos” in Shadow Jago’s instinct, I have decided to add some new features to the final design.

-“Crown of Horns”. The horns on the image of Gargos seem to form a “crown” of sorts, implying his status as a ruler.

Note to self: Should likely ink/scan future hand drawn sketches.
Inked this one:another incremental improvement! :slight_smile:

Slight conceptual evolution/alternative:
So I had another idea
A sort of amalgamation of creatures

What if we combined the HellKnight from Doom 3…

With the kremshar from D&D…

And gave the result huge bat wings and some stripes?
…This is proving to be a test of my virtually non-existent PhotoShop skills. Moustache on a stoner Mona Lisa? I can do that. Tastefully swirl some colors? Aced it. Combining 2 fictional beasts into a believable form that looks presentable?
Quick sketch, partially based on the Hellknight+krenshar idea, partially on @GriningSkull 's Rakshasa suggestion

(Probably going to stick to sketching while I learn how to bend PhotoShop to my will. I’ll try to incrementally improve or grow the concept in some way, but I sense that it may be a while before I get something truly noteworthy…)


Will this new Gargos be WAY/FAR MORE larger and taller as well as massive and enormous than Aganos even by any chance? Other than that, very nice job so far on your OWN interpretation as well as conceptual design of the new Gargos

Thanks, dude!
I think Aganos will still be the larger of the two. Being the biggest dude in the game his character archetype after all. I picture Gargos being a much more aggressive character than Aganos.
Picture Aganos as the Tank, and Gargos as the Juggernaut. Aganos cannot be moved, but Gargos cannot be stopped.

Note: Got some work done today on an improved iteration of the concept. Partially laid groundwork for the head.

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No problem man and gotcha

New work added in OP!

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I agree with the tiger theme for all the obvious, Jago related reasons. Though a skull might not be immediately clear as to what it is.

There’s a type of demon that originated in Hindu mythology called a Rakshasa. Though the Hindu epics have varying descriptions of what they looked like, and they were also often shapeshifters, a lot of their depictions have some tiger elements.

The name Rakashasa has also been co-opted by a lot of modern fantasy games – Pathfinder, Magic: The Gathering, etc. – to be evil tiger men.

The Gargos reimagining that exists in my head is similar to that; a horrific tiger demon with feathered wings.


Ah yes, the Rakshasa! Always curious to see the origins of some of the old D&D beasties.
I had a similar idea for my initial concept, and I think it is an awesome way of keeping with not only the tiger elements but with the Asian influence of Jago’s spiritual business as a whole.

However, at the same time, I was afraid that using a tiger in earnest would be a bit too obvious, and it might’ve pushed away from the general Western interpretation of demons I think some people would be expecting. Plus, having another furry beast man with teeth and claws, even with the magical properties of both forms of the Rakshasa, would be rather similar to Sabrewulf.

So my solution was to mesh some tiger anatomy with a more conventional Doom style demon. However, now that you’ve mentioned the Rakshasa, I might revise some of the runes and other features to shift away from Satanism and closer towards those that reference Eastern demons such as Rakshasa and Yokai.

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So I had another idea
A sort of amalgamation of creatures

What if we combined the HellKnight from Doom 3…

With the kremshar from D&D…

And gave the result huge bat wings and some stripes?

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Quick sketch soon to be added to OP, partially based on the Hellknight+krenshar idea, partially on @GriningSkull 's Rakshasa suggestion

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