Gargos Command List

##Long Range Auto Doubles and Linkers
Gargos can perform long range combos with his Oblivion portal Openers and Linkers. Auto Doubles automatically turn into Ranged Doubles when far away from the opponent.

##Option Ender
Gargos can utilize his Devil’s Divide Ender to transition into a Hard Knockdown, Damage, Advantage, or Battery Ender variation on command.

##Minion Summoning
Gargos can summon minions to aid him in battle. Izzik and Dretch can be ordered to stay near Gargos, move near the opponent, or perform a unique Special Attack. Minions automatically summon in Creep mode. Holding will summon the Minion in Cover mode.

##Izzik and Dretch
Izzik minions poke the opponent with a trident when nearby. Dretch minions belly flop nearby opponents, which can ground bounce airborne enemies.

##Izzik and Dretch Durability
Izziks are slow moving minions that die after taking 2 hits. Dretches are fast moving minions that die after taking 3 hits.

##Scorn -
Gargos performs a double palm attack that causes a stagger on hit.

##Insolence -
Gargos unleashes a beam of power that shoots straight up. Launches opponent on hit.

##Quadruple Jump - Any Jump x4
Gargos can jump up to four times in any direction.

##Throw Forward -
Gargos uppercuts the opponent. Causes a Hard Knockdown.

##Throw Backward -
Gargos switches sides with the opponent and uppercuts them. Causes a Hard Knockdown.

##Reckoning -
is an Opener that travels horizontally and causes a Stagger.
has brief upper body invulnerability and travels at an angle.
has invulnerability on startup, hits overhead, and travels vertically.

##Eternal Reckoning - While in air,
travels horizontally. Causes a Stagger on hit.
travels down forward. Causes a Stagger on hit.
hits overhead and travels down vertically. Causes a Stagger on hit.

##Oblivion -
Gargos punches through portals. Tracks opponent’s last location.
can be used as an Opener from any distance.
knocks the opponent down.
causes a ground bounce.

##Devil’s Divide - (AIR OK)
Gargos grabs the opponent by their neck. Gargos can then press any button or direction to perform follow up attacks during Devil’s Divide. Waiting automatically performs Sadistic Drop. Air version always performs Sadistic Drop.

grabs grounded opponents.
leaps forward and grabs grounded opponents.
grabs airborne opponents.

See Devil’s Divide Follow Ups for more information.

##Spite - or (during Devil’s Divide)
Gargos pummels the opponent (up to 3 times). He can also perform any Devil’s Divide follow up after an attack. Pressing any attack a 4th time automatically performs Sadistic Drop.

##Sadistic Drop - (During Devil’s Divide)
Gargos flies into the air and drops the opponent onto their neck with a devastating suplex.

Sadistic Intent - (During Devil’s Divide)

Gargos willingly lets go of his opponent. This leaves Gargos at a slight advantage over his opponent for mixup opportunities.

Sadistic Appetite - (During Devil’s Divide)

Gargos consumes a small chunk of the opponent’s Shadow Meter.

Sadistic Hurl - (During Devil’s Divide)

Gargos throws the opponent forward. Leads to combo opportunities when near the corner.

Minion Summon (Izzik) - x2

Gargos summons an Izzik minion. Izzik can take up to 2 hits before dying.

Minion Summon (Dretch) - x2 (hold)

Gargos summons a Dretch minion. Dretch can take up to 3 hits before dying.

##Shadow Reckoning - x2
Gargos performs a multi-hitting attack that travels horizontally. Has projectile invulnerability.

##Shadow Oblivion - x2

Gargos unleashes a flurry of punches. Tracks opponent’s location.

##Shadow Devil’s Divide - x2
Gargos hops forward and performs a devastating Devil’s Divide through the Astral Plane. Has throw invulnerability.

##Cover -

Gargos commands his minion to stay near him. Minions attack automatically when the opponent is nearby.

##Creep -
Gargos commands his minion to stay near the opponent. Minions attack automatically when the opponent is nearby.

##Kill -
Gargos commands the minion to perform its unique Special Attack. Izziks perform a spinning trident attack. Dretches perform a diving overhead attack.

##Cruel Inspiration - or (During Devil’s Divide)
Gargos attacks his minion to instantly ready its unique Special Attack. Pressing any attack a 4th time automatically drops the minion.

##Sadistic Lob - (During Devil’s Divide)
Gargos tosses his minion into the air like a projectile.

##Sadistic Intent - (During Devil’s Divide)
Gargos lets go of his minion.

##Sadistic Appetite - (During Devil’s Divide)
Gargos consumes his minion and gains a small chunk of Instinct meter.

##Sadistic Hurl - (During Devil’s Divide)
Gargos tosses his minion horizontally like a projectile. Causes a Stagger on hit.

##Devil’s Divide -

##Reckoning -

##Eternal Reckoning - While in air,

##Oblivion -

##Shadow Reckoning - x2

##Shadow Oblivion - x2

##Reckoning - / or Hold ( / )

##Oblivion- / or Hold ( / )

##Shadow Reckoning- x2

##Shadow Oblivion- x2

Wall Splat Ender. Gargos pushes the opponent towards the wall.

##Oblivion -
Ground Bounce Ender. Gargos unleashes a series of punches through the Astral Plane. Can be performed at any range.

##Shadow Devil’s Divide - x2
Damage Ender. Gargos performs a devastating Devil’s Divide through the Astral Plane.

##Devil’s Divide -
Option Ender. Gargos can perform different Ender types by holding a direction.

Hold for Sadistic Drop (Damage Ender).

Hold for Sadistic Intent (Advantage Ender).

Hold for Sadistic Appetite (Battery Ender).

Hold for Sadistic Hurl (Hard Knockdown Ender).

##Stone Skin-
Gargos gains hyper armor. During Stoneskin, Gargos cannot jump again while airborne, cannot block, and cannot perform dashes. HIGHPUNCH Reckoning also loses its tracking ability.

##Eruption - (AIR OK)
Gargos removes his Stoneskin, causing a massive eruption that can hit the opponent anywhere on screen. This deactivates Instinct mode and halves the amount of meter he has remaining. Can be used to break any combo.

##Ultra -

##Stage Ultra -


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