Gargos command grab error?

So maybe I haven’t used Gargos in a while or missed it in one of the patch notes, but for one of the finishers for Devil’s Divide more specifically when you press forward to perform Sadistic Hurl did it always cause a hard knock down? I was under the impression that when you perform the throw the opponent would land on their feet, and if done near the corner, a combo follow-up would be possible. Since I’ve been playing the steam version lately that doesn’t seem to be the case at all and it tends to always cause a HKD. I know they eliminated the possibility of using his command grab during his Ultra, but when you’re in the middle of a match that shouldn’t happen to be honest. Seems if you do the grab raw (not combo into it) then throw it works, but honestly that’s not the smartest thing to do lol.

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If you do the combo ender version, it always hard knockdowns. It only keeps them on their feet if you do the normal command grab.


I was unaware of that and assumed it would set them on their feet like the normal command grab. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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The HKD version as ender is good for set ups (if you want to summon minions) the normal one is good for mixups.

I have one question, what do you mean when you say it isn’t the smartest thing to do

I think he might mean if you do it in the middle of the stage and not the walls since there’s not much use to it out in the open.


Using the move in the middle of the stage where it’s pretty much useless except for giving you a window to summon minions or just randomly using the command grab. I tend to use it for either mixups or as a way to gain some distance from my opponent so I can bring out the runts, but it’s not my go to option.

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Yea I thought you were referring to the grab being dumb in neutral. I was confused for a while there. Thanks for the clarification

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