Gargos broken instinct combos/tech (this needs to be fixed ig)

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So basically if you do a wall ender or a command grab ender and you then choose to drop the command grab (by holding down) , if you activate instinct the game still thinks your carrying on the combo . So if you do any of his linkers or auto doubles they will come out. Both his linkers have no hit box and they can lead into some interesting cross ups , have a look


This stuff is really neat! Thanks for sharing!

Though, I have to clarify - this isn’t because Gargos’ moves lack a hitbox, but the opponent lacking a hurtbox while he sets them down. Instinct cancelling the d.followup keeps the combo system active, but because the opponent is more-or-less in a (very very short) pseudo-knockdown, they cannot be hit until they recover from being set down.

For the most part, it doesn’t matter and the results are the same, but in the case of the mirror match, this is an important distinction to make. If the enemy Gargos has minions out, you CAN hit them with your move after INSX (like the cross-thru Psycho Crusher), because you retain your hitboxes as normal while the opponent loses their hurtbox for a moment.

Good stuff though! Cheers!

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No problem man thanks .

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