Gargos as a New Announcer

I just want to know, now that we’ve heard more audio samples from the twitch stream and various youtube videos on the Killer Instinct channel, does anyone here think Gargos might actually make a pretty good announcer for season 3? I know they added a new announcer voice last season with ARIA, but I love hearing Gargos voice so much, I think it would make a fantastic announcer voice. I could hear him delivering the combo breaker announcement, counter breakers, shadow counters, combo style (double, triple, godlike, beastly, etc.), the Ultra combo announcement, Ultimate, Supreme and Awesome Victories.

You could make the argument he may sound a little too much like the current modern announcer, but I still think it could work.


I think he would be a cool announcer. Hopefully they make him an option like they did aria.

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I hate to be one of those. But do you have any clips? Or know where to find them? I didn’t even know he was an announcer, some one on chat said he was but I thought they were trolling. Glad to read it’s true.

It’s not confirmed. It’s more of a question, “What If…?”

Oh sorry I misread.

That would be fun.

Imagine a movie or TV series with the announcers…

Season 1: Chris & Mike
Season 2: ARIA
Season 3: Gargos

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I was thinking the same.
Hope they give the option where we can select Gargos as announcer voice.
It fits perfectly.
Just has to be in the game. :smiling_imp:


Gargos has an outstanding voice. Make this happen!

Didnt even read the post. Just came here to like it.

I want a Gargos announcer!


Which version though. The outro version of his voice, or his in-combat voice? Either way, I’d be willing to hear it in game.

I thought this would be cool, but I realize now that Gargos sounds a bit too much like Mike.

It’s really the same voice whether it’s the outro or the battle sounds, but in combat he does put more energy into it for the combat grunts and yells. Still, I think either would be fantastic, but it would probably be a bit of both.

Agreed, most certainly either voice would work (and a combination of the two could definitely fit as well)

Much better than Aria that’s for sure.