Gargos Accessory Issue

i don’t know if anyone else is having this issue, but the tips of my gargos’ celeatial wings color 4, are not the color they should be.

Same, also on his default wings the aura is green no matter what color you choose even though the wing tip color shows otherwise.

Just checked, also having that issue. Weird

It looks pretty though.

It is nice. Just wanted to let it be known

I hope to see a fix for this soon.

I’ve actually grown to love those black wings with glowing neon red tips especially with colors 5 and 8.

I actually want my black tips back for my red wings. Hasn’t been fixed yet

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@rukizzel i just quote you to be sure that the IG team knows about this bug.

I thought that was the case but in-game outside of the customization menu the glow is the color it should be, at least for me.