Gargos Accessories and Retro

Just going to leave these here for people who dont want to ogle at a long video.

not massively high rez but hey :smiley:


thank you for posting

I cant wait to play as this beast machine


I’m in love with the retro


Your welcome thanks for enjoying them :smile:

Dragon set, Onaga anyone?


His retro looks so god-awful and awkward. It’s just not fitting the new and better graphics. But such are most of the retro sets.

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B-But his face is amazing!

He’s well-made, but it still looks awful!


I love it specially the wizard of Oz one lol


Whoa dude those are awesome! At least they got Gargos right! Miras retros are horrible…All of Gargos looks great! I cant believe they did the monkeys from wizard of Oz and the clown from Killer Clowns from Outer space! Crazy!


I agree miras are OK.

I play the witch even now and then but her accessories are so much better then her retros

Still as far as miras retro’s go they art as awful as some!

Gargos for me they got perfect! Head to toe I’d use ALL of these!!!

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In these pictures, the intricacies of the New Gargos’s face are hidden.
Try taking a closer look with some higher rez photos.

The Retro Gargos is good art, but with a different face than the Original Gargos, who exactly was this ‘brought back’ for?

The Retro face is a far cry from Retro Gargos. Face is character and a picture is 1000 words.

His accesories are very, very good.

It’s not as close as it could be. But over all he’s still sesame to me.

What if shadow lords mode brings gargos shadow cosplay for all characters oooooh

So what’s everyone future Gargos customization? I know it’s really early but I’m curious to read everyone own Gargos. :slight_smile:

New Gargos

Celestial crown

Retro Gargos

Modern- Dragon Armor, angel Wings, and Hood

Retro- clown set with aviator wings(because it looks like the interior of large tent)


I’m just going full on wizard of oz lol

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Lol! I was going between that and the aviation. The fez is fantastic.

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Mira’s colors are terrible then they come out with Gargos’ s godlike colors. I dont understand whose picking these colors lol.

Mira’s hair and eyes and cloak dont change color yet Gargos explodes in an array of variety from head to toe. Like IG wassup doe cuh?

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Gargos has one of the best accessories ever!

What’s pretty messed up though: My nephew comes to visit every so often, and he is TERRIFIED of clowns! lol

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