Gaming Tablets (or 2 in 1 laptops) that can handle KI and other XBX1 titles?

Hi I am looking around for a tablet or 2 in 1 laptop that can play KI and other Xbox One titles? Ive had a look on google but it only came up with 2 devices both with mixed reviews. I was wondering if anyone on here knew of any devices that fits the bill? I know standalone laptops and desktops are better but I want something that is easily portable/I can play on the go.

There are a couple high end Asus laptops that sit around the $1000 mark that will run KI well.

The ASUS GL552VW-DH71 is a good one, but I’m not sure what your budget is, and I’m unsure about 2 in 1’s.

Didn’t have a budget as such, but at $1000 will it be viable for gaming in around 5-10 years time? I will check it out though thanks

I’d say 5 years is a decent estimate. Laptops won’t last you as long as a desktop, gaming wise. A $1000 desktop would last you a bit longer, and you’d only have to switch a couple parts to keep it relevant at that point.