Games with Gold on PC?

So I don’t own an Xbox One but I was still able to get the Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct Season 1 through Xbox 360. This morning when I went onto the PC version of Killer Instinct for the first time I could only play the free character (Sabrewulf). My question is just for confirmation and is: So I have to log onto my account on someone’s Xbox One with KI in order for my Ultra Edition I got with Games with Gold to appear on PC right?

Nope you don’t. However, I have some friends of mine, despite what being told by devs, that were able to get the characters of S1 available just by having got the S1 ultra pack in January.

So try to restart the game a couple of times or give it time and you should get them, subscribed to gold or not.

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I had to log in on the Xbox before I was able to use the characters I bought on the Xbox, including S1 characters. So I’d say, yes.

A friend of mine don’t own a Xbox and was able to get the S1 ultra directly on Windows 10 despite having taken the ultra pack with Games with Gold. So I guess it isn’t necessary.

I heard it’s a content sync problem that afflicted different people. Yesterday there was a clusterfuck of topic regarding this.

Yesterday night I went on and all the S1 characters were there! I guess I just had to wait. :slight_smile: