Games that allow CPU vs CPU?

I love simulating matches using the CPU vs CPU feature. What other games let you simulate full computer matches?

So far I have tried:
Wrestling games
Soul Calibur 2 and 3

I know various Namco Bandai anime games let you do this as well, but I’m not really interested in those.


If I recall, Smash Bros also allows for this feature as well.

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Wow I can’t believe that I forgot Smash games. I have played them as well. Any other ones I might have missed?

I really wish NRS games would allow this, their CPUs are really good at high difficulty settings.

In Virtua Fighter 5 they also have a feature called VF.TV, which also allows you to view Cpu v Cpu exhibition matches.



However I only speak for the standard edition, as I have no clue if they ported it to VF Final Shodown. (They probably have)

But speaking of NRS games, seeing how Injustice 2 is almost around the corner, it would be pretty cool if this mode managed to migrate over to that game too when it comes out in May. Especially if they ever bring back the “2v2 Tag Mode” from MK9.

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Nice! I had no idea Virtua Fighter allows this. Thank you man, I have to get it now. Any other ones? More games should have it.

Yeah I really wish Injustice 2 has this feature. You can see short glimpses of CPU vs CPU if you idle in main menu in all NRS games, and the matches look awesome. Real combos, real punishes and overall fast gameplay. If only you could set your own matches…

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Lol, I’m usually the one asking this; glad to see someone else likes cpu vs cpu. :smiley:

I use to do that CPU vs CPU stuff as a kid for the very fun of it. Don’t seem to do that so much anymore. lol

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Know any good games for PC that have this?

There’s always good ol’ M.U.G.E.N :slight_smile:

Ryu vs Ryu (Both Cpu)

I searched for it, but it seems you hav eto download a lot of files and stuff (plus confusing).

The problem with Mugen is that the characters are usually balanced really, really poorly. If someone has made a “full game” using Mugen and balanced it properly, I would be all over it.

I also really wish that Tekken, Marvel vs capcom and Arcsys games had cpu vs cpu. Maybe one day.

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I own a gambling den where this is an option.

If you’re looking for more “complete”, balanced, and original M.U.G.E.N games, these few might catch your interest…

  • Black Heart (Has a small roster, but still a pretty fun and unique looking horror/fighting game.)

Black Heart’s Website:

  • Shades of Manhattan (With Solid Snake as a guest character for some reason.)

  • Shades of Manhattan 2 (No Solid Snake, but it does have more characters and stages)

Shade’s Website:

  • Rumble Pack (Now unfortunately, this one seems to be the only one to lack a Cpu vs. Cpu mode, and from what I understand it’s still a work in progress at the moment, but if you ever get the chance to try it out, I’d definitely recommend it.)

  • (I’ve also had to fiddle with some of the game’s mugen files, as the version I downloaded had 4 empty slots on the character select.)



Rumble Pack’s Website:

I could only get Black Heart, since I couldn’t find the others.

Thank you for digging up those mugen games! Got to check them out too.

Also why the hell SF5 doesn’t have cpu vs cpu?


Same with Mortal Kombat X; those would have been great games to have it as well.

Probably has to do with Capcom leaving out Vs Cpu Mode entirely during SFV’s initial launch. (That was until they eventually patched it in during the Urien update, but as of late, I have no clue if Cpu v. Cpu made it in there too.)

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