Gamer's World Tournaments Revamped!

Hello to everyone seeing this thread! In September I posted the first Advertisement for the Killer Instinct Tournaments in Gamer’s World Vernon Hills. I have a few things that I want to go over on a revision sort of ordeal for the future of the events.

Before we begin, a few things:

  • Location: 122 Hawthorn Center Vernon Hills IL 60061 (Upper Floor, Macy’s Wing, in between G by Guess and Aldo)
  • Store Phone Number: 1-847-573-1270
  • Entry Fee: $5
  • Payout in Store Credit for Gamer’s World
  • Tournaments Start around 7 PM
  • Pre-existing Rules:
    Three Standard Xbox One Controllers, & 2 Fightsticks will be available.
    You may bring your own Controllers and FightSticks excluding Rapid Fire Controllers
    Pausing mid round will cause a forfeit for the round
    3/5 Games 99 Seconds Per Round.
    Wireless Controllers are OK.
    You are responsible for your own items!
    You MAY switch characters between rounds! (Both Winner and Loser)
    We Will Record for Rebroadcast over at

I am very pleased that we are getting around 4-8 people each week and have settled into the current location very well. I have an idea for summer that could actually be a huge thing for these events. I’m hoping we get a consistent group of at least 10-15 before I put that plan into full steam, currently tossing around details but really hoping it’s a big success. Here’s to the future!


Good luck to you, I hope you manage to achieve the kind of success you’re aiming for :smile: