Gamers will now be able to stream PS3 exclusives to their PC

Not sure if this is a repost but

PlayStation Now coming to Windows so pretty much Uncharted, God of war and all the goddies coming to PC offcourse its subscription based but yeah should be worth it for the single player exclusives atleast.

That’s pretty crazy.

Wish there wasn’t that big subscription fee, though.

I was kinda shocked by this but then again Sony had official support for PS4 controller for Windows on pretty much day one and a 3rd party tool even made it playable via bluetooth wireless.

Mind you during this time you still could not get xbox one wireless on windows no matter what you did.

So sony has certainly been showing some interest in the PC these days for whatever reason.

I wonder if they will make this service available to xbox one?

LOL playing Uncharted and God of War on Xbox one won’t that be the day?

Uh…PS Now is a service for PS3 games, not PS4. And it’s specific PS3 games, not every PS3 game. And they’re streamed, which means they’re limited by your internet service and will come with a heaping helping of input delay.

Just a tip for you: you don’t need to make multiple replies. Just edit your previous post.

It’s still cool tho.

Just saying that almost every part of the topic title was wrong, lol. It is really cool.

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Ow so its PS3 games only? well still cool I guess, PS3 has some awesome games The Last of Us and God of War 3 plus remastered versions of 1 and 2 I guess Gran Turismo 6 etc Uncharted 1 to 3

Yeah its taking sony some time to bring all their games to the streaming capability.

But I am certain that at some point we are also going to be able to play PS4 exclusives on this service aswell

I can actually stream PS Now to my Samsung TV. So this isn’t much news, Sony has been pretty platform agnostic with PS Now. It’s great that they are trying these things but it’s a really high cost to rent old games and deal with latency issues caused by streaming. I’m a little surprised it’s even still a thing at this point. It’s literally everything about the “future” of gaming that people complain about - always online, don’t own anything, could disappear at any time, requires subscription. But with none of the benefits of games designed for that kind of environment.

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Eeeh… I could just boot my ps3 up rather than hassling a connection.